Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Contract! More Books!

I have this weird thing about not announcing books until all parties have their signed contracts, so I've been sitting (not very well) on this for a while now, but I can speak!

I've signed my third contract with Carina Press! I'm so excited to be working with my fantastic editor Alissa again. The two-book contract is for Restoration #2 (working title, Finding Their Way) and Untitled Restoration #3. This rounds out the Restoration trilogy.

The first Restoration book, Getting It Right, releases March 16, 2015, and I do know that Finding Their Way will release in July, so yay! Not a long wait!

Restoration is a spin-off from the Belonging trilogy, featuring a more adult cast. The first book is James "Tag" McTaggert's book, and I love it so much because Tag was never meant to be more than a walk-on role in Ezra's book. But he wouldn't go away, and now he has a personal life and his own romance. With a cop (yes, I love me some cop heroes). Books two and three will feature Tag's two best friends, Boxer and Elliott, and oh those two. 

Elliott is one of those characters who, like Romy, you want to bundle up in a blanket, put them on your couch, and feed them cocoa and cookies until they cheer up.

Boxer is the star of book two, along with a familiar face from Belonging (yes, I'm teasing you), and this is the photo that inspired his character:

Although more bald, and minus the beard. But don't worry, he's a teddy bear.

Right now I'm working on Elliott's book, which is due May 1, and having a great time with it. His hero is not who you'd expect, and it's going to be an interesting challenge finding their HEA.

So yay for more books!

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  1. YAY! Can. Not. Wait! :D

    Happy holidays and happy writing!