Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New at Samhain

Two tidbits of news!

First, COST OF REPAIRS is now available in paperback from Samhain. It's on sale right now for $10.50, so if you're a fan and want a copy for your shelf, it's a good time to snatch it up.

Second, WEIGHT OF SILENCE is now up for pre-order at the Samhain site!  It's my first stab at younger characters (a few folks are calling this New Adult), and I'm so in love with these two I can't even tell you.  There is also an excerpt from chapter one up.  WEIGHT OF SILENCE releases August 6.

In other news, for fans of UNEARTHING COLE, I have good news.  I'm working on a sequel, this time from Jeremy's point-of-view. Jeremy and Cole's story isn't finished yet.