Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Excerpt: No Such Thing

Just a little tease for my upcoming Carina release, NO SUCH THING.

The front door bells clanged, and he glanced up, a little startled. He hadn’t asked Shannon if he should lock the front door. A man about his own age came inside, wearing the worn clothes of a poor college student, a canvas cross-body bag slung over his shoulder. He was slim with thick brown hair and wide, blue eyes that stopped Alessandro short. He also had the most kissable red lips Alessandro had ever seen on a man. Not really handsome, but leaning toward the cute side, and those lips…
Alessandro’s dick twitched.
He’d take a phone number scribbled on a receipt from this guy any day of the week. Too bad. “We’re closed.”
Vivid blue eyes latched on and drank him in, taking just a split second longer to check Alessandro out than any perfectly straight man would have. “My sister owns the place,” he said in a slightly mocking tone. “She won’t mind.” As if to prove his point, Shannon’s supposed brother reached back and turned the door’s lock. “Who are you?”
Alessandro squared his shoulders, not at all intimidated by the slightly shorter, much skinnier man in front of him. “Alessandro Silva. Shannon just hired me.”
“Damn, that was fast. We only hung the sign three hours ago.”
“Right place, right time, I guess.”
“I guess. I’m—”
“Jaime, hey,” Shannon said. She came down the center aisle, wiping her hands on a towel. “You’re cutting it close, kid. You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Jaime replied. “I had to get some books from the library and lost track of time. You know I never miss a chance to scrounge for leftovers and harass you while you try to close up.”
“Go harass Rusty instead. Fill the dishwasher.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Jaime tossed his bag onto a chair and strolled to the back of the shop.
Alessandro caught himself watching Jaime go, so he turned his attention back to Shannon. “Your brother?”
“Half brother, yeah,” she replied. “Pain in my ass, but I can’t seem to find any traveling sideshows that will buy him off me.”
He snorted laughter. The comment was sarcastic, but he didn’t miss the underlying affection in her words. “Have you considered selling him to science?”
She grinned. “Oh, I like you, Alè. I like you.”

Monday, January 6, 2014

Retitled Book

Have I mentioned I have a retitle? I knew it was coming and it's here!

My second Carina Press book, formerly known as Lost & Found, occasionally known as the Big Book 'O Angst, is now officially MAYBE THIS TIME.

It’s pretty perfect for what Ezra and Donner go through in life and love. They’ve both been hurt. Maybe this time they’ll get it right. :)

The Big Book 'O Angst is scheduled for late July 2014.