Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Perspective

A lot of folks are doing a look back at 2014 and chronicling the ups and downs. I will admit, I've had a lot of ups and very few downs. I had five books release this year (and at least four releasing in 2015). I set a writing record for myself (84k words in 23 days). I published an entire trilogy, and I saw the temporary end of two series. I talked to a lot of fantastic people on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. Some of my books ended up on Best Of lists, and a few were even up for some awards.

I am so grateful for the amazing support I get from my two fantastic editors, Alissa and Christa. My books are as good as they are because of their editing and direction. And I love, love, love all of my loyal readers.

To say good-bye to 2014, I'm going to let my characters who got their own books this year tell you the best part of their year.

Jaime -- "I had sex! Finally!"
Alessandro -- "Jaime had sex. With me. A lot. And I shed my old image so people in town don't still look at me like I'm a thug. Win?"

Ezra -- "I finally stopped wanting approval from my parents, and I learned to love myself."
Donner -- "I learned to love Ezra."
Ezra -- "Learned? It was easy and you know it."
Donner -- "Yeah, you and easy are not all that familiar."
Ezra -- "Depends on the definition of easy."

Romy -- "I took control of my life, and I found Brendan."
Brendan -- "I admitted who I am, and now I've got my Romy."

Jeremy -- "I learned something new about how Cole thinks, and together we figured out how to be an us."
Cole -- "Jeremy told me he loves me, and I believe him. I love him, too. I think this can work."

Owen -- "I got David and Michael back."
David -- "I got Michael and Owen back, and I made peace with the past."
Owen -- "Your past, or my past?"
David -- "All of our pasts. And it's all in the past."

BRING IT, 2015!!!

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