My Books

Series book order and stand-alone novels. All books are either available for purchase, or are contracted and in-production. 

See Coming Soon for additional details of future releases.

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The CLEAN SLATE RANCH series (Carina Press)

  1. Wild Trail
  2. Roped In 
  3. Saddle Up
  4. Lucky Break
  5. Hard Ride (2/17/20) 

The COST OF REPAIRS series (Briggs-King Books, Kindle Unlimited)

  1. Cost of Repairs
  2. Color of Grace
  3. Weight of Silence
  4. Acts of Faith
  5. Foundation of Trust

The PERSPECTIVES series (Briggs-King Books, Kindle Unlimited)

  1. The Truth As He Knows It 
  2. The World As He Sees It 
  3. The Heart As He Hears It 
  4. Their Life As They Live It
  5. His Faith As He Finds It

The US series (Briggs-King Books, Kindle Unlimited)

  1. Here For Us 
  2. Sound of Us
  3. Uniquely Us 
  4. Heart of Us

The BELONGING series (Carina Press, New Adult)
  1. No Such Thing
  2. Maybe This Time
  3. Stand By You

The RESTORATION series (Carina Press)

  1. Getting It Right 
  2. Finding Their Way 
  3. Taking A Chance 

The DISCOVERING ME series (temporarily out-of-print)
  1. Unearthing Cole
  2. Understanding Jeremy

The ALL SAINTS series (Carina press, New Adult)

  1. Come What May 
  2. Say It Right 
  3. As I Am 

The OFF BEAT series (SMP Swerve, New Adult)

  1. Body Rocks 
  2. Steady Stroke 
  3. Hot Licks 
The BREAKING FREE series (Briggs-King Books, Kindle Unlimited)

  1. Saved 
  2. Seen 
  3. Heard 
  4. Stronger (#3.5)
  5. Found (#4)
  6. Whole (#5)
  7. Feel (#6) 
  8. Claimed (#7) 
  9. Loved (#8) 
The FINDING FREE series (Briggs-King Books, Kindle Unlimited) 
  1. Save Me
  2. See Me (Coming Soon)
The PRODIGAL series 
  1. Prodigal 
  2. Frozen
  3. Chosen  

  1. What You Own (New Adult - temporarily out-of-print)
  2.  Fractured Hymns (Briggs-King Books)
  3. What You Make It