Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book News and Updates

I'm so pleased to see such a warm response to UNEARTHING COLE from readers. It takes some serious subjects, and I was a little nervous about this book. Not anymore. I know some folks have had a few issues with the ending, and I want to ease your minds a bit: I will be writing a sequel.  Jeremy has been demanding his own point-of-view, and the love story between him and Cole isn't over yet. Their HFN has a long way to go to reach an HEA.  Jeremy's book is my next project, and I can't wait to get into his head.

In the world of Awesome News, I am happy to announce that the 4th Cost of Repairs book, ACTS OF FAITH, has been contracted by Samhain! This is the book that CoR fans have been waiting for: Rey and Samuel take center stage again! A year and a half into their relationship, they're as solid as ever, until a Christmas miracle is thrust into their lap. A miracle that changes everything.

You can probably guess that that miracle is....

WEIGHT OF SILENCE (Cost of Repairs 3) isn't up on the Samhain site yet, but it is available for pre-order on Amazon.

In the world of Awesome News I Can't Share Yet, I have something fun and new in the works for 2014. It involves two books, including the book I've been calling on Twitter "The Beast of Angst." I'll have more details once the contracts are signed.