Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cover Reveal: Taking A Chance (Restoration #3)

Facebook Fans got an early look last night, and today I'm posting the cover for the third and final book in the Restoration trilogy, Taking A Chance.

This is Elliott's book, and I have to say, Elliott took me on quite a ride. From his first appearance in Getting It Right, to his moments in Finding Their Way, Elliott's journey to an HEA hasn't been an easy one. But it was so worth it, and this book cover more than does justice to Elliott and Augustus's love story. I love it so much.

I hope you love it too. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cover Reveal: Finding Their Way (Restoration #2)

Yet another lovely job by the folks at Carina Press. I love the continuity between the Restoration covers, and the purple is very eye-catching. Plus, tattoos! 

FINDING THEIR WAY (Restoration #2)

Thanks to an abusive father and a string of bad relationships, Riley McCage learned the hard way that people are not kind without a reason. Now, after landing a job at popular gay bar Pot O Gold, Riley is on the right track—until the night Boxer finds him drunk and drugged in the back room of an exclusive sex party.

Donald "Boxer" Boxwood wasn’t looking for anything beyond some casual kink until he peeled Riley off the floor and gave him a safe place to stay. But there's something compelling about the guy crashing on his couch, and the two forge an instant friendship that eases into unmistakable attraction. Despite Riley's hesitancy, Boxer knows one thing to be true: he needs Riley in his life.

Riley risked everything to run away and build a new life for himself, and his secrets aren't something he'd ever wish upon his kind, gentle new friend. But when the past comes to call, he'll have no choice but to put his trust in Boxer…and believe people can change enough to deserve a second chance.

Release Date: July 20, 2015
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