Monday, March 30, 2015

A Look Ahead

First of all, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased/reviewed/blogged about THE TRUTH AS HE KNOWS IT (Perspectives #1) and GETTING IT RIGHT (Restoration #1) during these last two months. It's always nerve-wracking debuting a new series, and launching two of them within a month's time is extra-double-crazy. But the response to both books has been overwhelming and amazing, and I am so grateful to you guys for your support.

And the year isn't even half over!

I told you guys that you'd fall in love with Tristan in TTAHKI, and you did. He is definitely one of my top three characters I've written, and I adored telling his love story. THE WORLD AS HE SEES IT releases in October of this year! I know it feels like a long wait, but there are other books coming before then to keep you occupied.

Like Belonging was, Restoration is a now-completed trilogy with Carina Press, so you can expect two more books to finish off this particular series. FINDING THEIR WAY releases July 20, and the final title, TAKING A CHANCE, will release in September. 

Some folks who've read GIR have been asking about Will Madden, one of James's patients. To be honest, before I got those reader comments, I hadn't made any plans to revisit Will. But plans change. My next project for Carina is going to be, like Belonging, New Adult with a focus on younger characters. Jackson (bartender at Pot O Gold) is still itching to get his chance in the spotlight, and I really love the concept I've dreamed up for the new series. I also think this is a great place to incorporate Will, who is only 16 in GIR, but who will be 18 by the time this new series begins within the timeline of the Wilmington universe. I don't know where his story will eventually go yet, but like Romy, Will definitely deserves a hero and a happy ending.

At the moment I am trying to stay focused on writing Perspectives #3 for Samhain, but my brain occasionally bounces over to other projects. And for those who are curious, I do plan on revisiting Cole and Jeremy again in the future--their story simply isn't finished yet.

Happy reading, all!