Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Series Coming from Carina Press!

So I've been teasing for a few months about some exciting news and new books coming in 2014.  It's been in Publisher's Marketplace already, but now that the executed contracts are back in my hands, I feel comfortable making an official announcement!

I've signed with Carina Press for 2 books in a new series!  I'm so thrilled to be working with Carina, as they are another of my favorite ebook publishers.

CATCH & RELEASE is the first book.  The description below is NOT the official cover copy blurb. It's what I used in my query letter to Carina, but I think it does a good job of setting up the story (at least, I assume it does, since Carina contracted the book *grin*).

Sometimes three exclamation points can change your life.

 When Jaime Winters put the "Help Needed!!!" sign in his sister's breakfast diner window, he never imagined she'd end up hiring super-hottie Alessandro Silva right off the street—and Alessandro is just as eager to fill the position.  A few weeks ago, Alessandro left behind his life in the city to move back to his small hometown in order to support his newly-widowed foster mother and help her with her foster kids Tony and Molly.  A reformed troublemaker, Alessandro left a lot of ghosts and regrets behind when he left town, and his return has stirred up the attention of an old enemy.

 Unlike Alessandro, Jaime has spent most of his adult life watching the world go by—first from a series of hospital windows, and now over the spines of history textbooks.  It's easier to put all of his energy into his Bachelor's Degree than to face the fact that years of battling heart disease means he's a twenty-three year-old virgin—until Alessandro awakens desires he'd long ago given up on.  The last thing Alessandro wants is a relationship with someone as innocent and fragile as Jaime, but he can't fight his attraction, or his need to be with Jaime. 

 But Alessandro doesn't believe in "one and only."  He's willing to be Jaime's first, but can't hang his heart on the idea that this is a forever kind of thing.  And Jaime may have been given a second chance with a new heart, but he's scared of what giving it to another person means.  They agree to an arrangement—Alessandro will teach Jaime the finer points of gay sex, no feelings involved, no strings attached, and then he'll let Jaime go.  Easier said than done.  Alessandro doesn't mean to get attached, but when an angry ghost from his troubled past threatens the people in his present, Alessandro realizes how hard he's fallen for Jaime—and that Jaime's feelings just might be mutual.

This book was so fun to write, and I'm eager for readers to get their hands on it.  Book two, LOST & FOUND, is Ezra Kelley's story, whom you meet for a few memorable scenes in C&R.  This is also what I've been referring to on Twitter as "The Big Book of Angst." And boy howdy....

More as it happens!