Free Reads

HOLIDAY JEWELS (Belonging Series). 2300 word short, pdf file.

Ezra and Donner share a moment together as they discuss their first Christmas together, and how they'll start making their own traditions.

ADOPTING FAITH (Cost of Repairs/Acts of Faith) 5400 word short, pdf file.

Samuel asks Rey a question (no, not that question, they're already married).


ROLEPLAY (Restoration Series/Taking A Chance) 2000 word ficlet, pdf file.

Elliott wants to go trick-or-treating. (Alternate link)


DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? (Perspectives Holiday Short) 10,000 words. (Alternate link: read in Dropbox)

Tristan starts a new Christmas tradition with boyfriend Gabe involving a very naughty Elf on the Shelf.


HEARTBEATS (A Perspectives July 4th Ficlet)

Shane and Noel host a July 4th barbecue at their new house, and Shane contemplates the life he has now, and the family he's lost.


DEAR MOM (An All Saints Short)

Jonas faces his first Mother's Day after being disowned by his parents, and Tate is right by his side.

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