Friday, June 6, 2014

Two Cover Reveals, A Blurb, and New Books Contracted!

All kinds of exciting things have been happening these last few weeks.

First, Joyfully Jay was wonderful enough to host a cover reveal for FOUNDATION OF TRUST (Cost of Repairs #5). You can see the cover and read the blurb here. I'm sure of you have been eager to find out who David's hero is going to be. This one releases October 21st from Samhain!

I also have book news! I've been sitting on this one for a while, but now that the contracts are back I can make it official. I've sold two more books to my editor at Carina Press. The first book (Title is To Be Determined) is the third book in my current New Adult series (NO SUCH THING, MAYBE THIS TIME) and will likely end that series as a trilogy. This one is Romy's book, and if ever a character of mine deserved an HEA, it's Romy. This book will release from Carina (wait for it) on October 20 (I'll have a very busy October with books releasing back to back).

The second book is the start of new trilogy that is a spin-off of the first. Some characters and locations will overlap a bit, but it will star a pretty brand-new cast and skew slightly older in terms of character ages. This one is also untitled and will probably release sometime early 2015. More news as it develops.

And last, but not least, I have a cover for UNDERSTANDING JEREMY, which is the sequel to last year's UNEARTHING COLE. It's told from Jeremy's POV this time and....well, I'll just let you see the cover and read the blurb. I love that they used the same model for Jeremy from the first cover!

No one in Jeremy Collins's life ever stays. His parents, sister, and wife are all dead. Now he has taken Cole Alston into his home to help him recover from years of abuse at the hands of his ex. Jeremy hopes Cole, who he loves, will stick around, but after eight years of Cole not being allowed to make his own choices, Jeremy doesn't think he has the right to ask. As Jeremy keeps his concerns and desires to himself, his best friend Bethann calls on him for a huge favor—claim he's the father of her baby so she isn't ostracized in their small town for sleeping with a married man. However doing so would be tantamount to denying his relationship with Cole. Rumors fly before Jeremy can explain to Cole that he said no, and suddenly the whole town is in his business. Rather than reassure Cole, Jeremy's explanations have the opposite effect. Something is going on in Cole's mind that Jeremy doesn't know about, and in order to get Cole to talk, Jeremy will need to confront his own deepest fear.

UNDERSTANDING JEREMY releases in July from Dreamspinner Press. (And I apologize for the highlighted background on the blurb. Blogger is being stupid and keeps insisting on a white background for only half of the text, so I instead of beating my head on the keyboard I went with this.)

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