Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Snippet: Maybe This Time

I can't believe I can finally say MAYBE THIS TIME comes out next month! I've been saying it for a while, but I really do love this book and I can't wait for Donner and Ezra to get their chance to shine. So I'm posting a little snippet to tide you over until July 21.


Donner tried to pay attention to too many things at once—two drink orders, three other bartenders and the conversation happening between Ezra and Tag. The sight of Tag approaching Ezra had sent a buzz of something through his bloodstream. Annoyance, maybe, or protectiveness. He wasn’t sure. His nerves didn’t settle until Tag moved away, leaving Ezra alone with his drink. Ezra didn’t look upset, so Donner pushed the whole encounter aside and concentrated on his job.
He couldn’t explain his overt interest in Ezra, beyond physical attraction and an itch that hadn’t been scratched in too long. Donner usually went for older tops when he wanted to be fucked well, but Ezra had a good reputation among his conquests. Maybe a change of pace would do him good.
If Ezra stayed unattached until closing time, which wasn’t likely given the glances being thrown his way.
Donner ignored a slight pang of jealousy and reached for a clean shaker to make another round of Cosmos.
The second time Ezra came to the bar, he ordered only one drink. “So do you ever take a break?”
“Yeah, I get one.” Donner poured tequila, unable to explain why he liked that Ezra wasn’t also buying a drink for someone else.
He glanced at the clock behind the bar. He’d been on shift for about three hours. “Anytime.”
“We’re going to grab a booth and order some loaded nachos in a bit. Join us.” Ezra phrased it as a gentle order, not a question.
Donner grinned. “I may do that.”

“Oh, sugar, that wasn’t a request.”

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