Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Looking back at everything that happened this year, 2013 has been pretty darn good to me.

Three more books in the Cost of Repairs series released this year: COLOR OF GRACE, WEIGHT OF SILENCE, and ACTS OF FAITH. And yes, there is a fifth book coming!

I also had two releases with Dreamspinner Press: UNEARTHING COLE and WHAT YOU OWN.

I've gained lots of new, amazing readers, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you. I would be nothing without my readers, so thank you for reading my books and recommending them to your friends.

I know I've grown as a writer. With each book, and with each new set of characters, I feel as though I've allowed myself to open up and be more honest. To shine a light on the dark things that happen to us, and to let that light take some of the darkness away. You haven't met Ezra and Romy yet, but you will, briefly, in February's NO SUCH THING, before they get their own books. These boys broke my heart this past year, and I'm honored to have written their stories.

Besides new releases, I signed three new contracts for 2014!

Of course I keep talking about my new series with Carina Press, which begins with NO SUCH THING on February 17. Book two (Title TBD) releases in late July, and book three, FOLLOW YOU HOME, sometime later (probably 2015). I'm so freaking in love with these books and these guys, and I hope you love them, too.

For the folks who asked, I contracted the sequel to UNEARTHING COLE to Dreamspinner. UNDERSTANDING JEREMY has a July/August release date.

I also contracted FOUNDATION OF TRUST, the fifth Cost of Repairs book. This is David Weller's story. More to come on that, but David. Oh David. Some characters you just do not expect....

In terms of what I'm writing, I have two different works in progress, both of them spin-offs from other series. I hope to get whacked upside the head with an idea for a standalone or two, like WHAT YOU OWN, but I do seem to get caught up with multi-book series. Probably because that's what I prefer to read. I love revisiting locations and groups of characters. But sometimes you want something that stands on its own two feet, you know?

So from my boys to you: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!   ::confetti::

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  1. Happy New year! I just knew we will hear more about David! And I can`t wait for "Understanding Jeremy"!!