Friday, March 17, 2017

Here For Us: Thoughts on Release Day

Here For Us, the book I never imagined I'd write, is finally here.

Back in the summer/fall of 2015, after I'd turned in the first draft of The Heart As He Hears It (Perspectives #3), I started thinking about what I'd write for Perspectives 4. I wanted to write about Dane/Cristian, who'd shared a number of scenes with Heart's hero Jon and who seemed really interesting. I also wanted to pair him with Jon's reticent roommate Jake. So I did. I wrote the first chapter and part of chapter two....and then I got stuck. I had no idea where the story was going from there. So I put it down and wrote other things. I didn't give the started story a lot of thought, especially  not after the first Samhain "closure," because I figured the series was shelved for a while.

Until the fall of 2016, when a reader asked, "What about Chet?" Chet was the producer of Mean Green Boys, the porn studio featured throughout the Perspectives books. He's older, settled, and took his nephew in after an incident with illegal drugs. Chet was a nurturer, but a romance hero? What? made sense. And I was in the middle of writing my first m/m/m romance, Hot Licks, so I started to ponder adding him to the Cristian/Jake dynamic. 

And suddenly I had a story. Cristian and Jake didn't work alone. They needed Chet in the mix. They needed to be a threesome. And this was no longer a Perspectives book, because this wasn't going to be a single title starring these three--they were a spin-off. I started writing this book again on October 23, and finished it on December 19. Two months and roughly 94,000 words later, and I had a draft. 

I also immediately began writing the sequel, Sound of Us, on December 28. These characters latched onto my mind and didn't let go for months, and I regret nothing. Here For Us was a joy to write, and I'm so excited to be sharing it with readers. I'm also excited to be dipping my toes into the world of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. 

To celebrate the book's release, IndiGo Marketing has put together a fabulous Book Blitz. Please check it out for a chance to win a $25 e-gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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