Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cover and Blurb Reveal: Fractured Hymns

It's almost here! 

Fractured Hymns is a book that is near and dear to my heart. I began writing it almost three years ago, not long after completing another novel called Foundation of Trust, the fifth Cost of Repairs novel. A minor character named Ethaniel appears in FoT, and while he was basically there to serve as a plot device, he started to poke at me. Why does he live so far from home? Why does he tell people his niece Sarah is his daughter? What’s his story?

Well, I began his story, got about 100 pages into it, and then hit a blank. I left my two heroes sitting in a cold garage, mid-conversation, for almost two years, before finally completing it in September 2015. I finally gave my beautiful, broken Ethaniel and his shy, stuttering hero Angel their happily ever after, and I’m excited to show you guys the gorgeous cover by Lyn Taylor, as well as the blurb. The publication date is tentatively set for October 24, and I hope to have pre-order links soon.

Still firmly in the closet at the age of thirty, Ethaniel Shockley is content leading a solitary—if lonely—life working on a construction crew with fellow military vets. After a tragic worksite accident leaves two of his friends dead, Ethaniel returns to his family home to recuperate from a spiral leg fracture and severe Post Concussive Syndrome. He may be lucky to be alive, but he hates the independence he’s lost.
 Matthew “Angel” Garrett has worked at Shockley Stables for three years, content to muck stalls and polish saddles, and to be as unnoticeable as possible. Except for weekly church outings, he avoids going into town so he doesn’t see The Look. The Look that says “I know you went to prison for killing a man.”

A chance conversation with Ethaniel gives Angel hope that maybe he can have a friendship with the gorgeous Shockley sibling he’s crushed on for years. But the more time they spend indulging in their shared love of music, the clearer it becomes that they both want more. Ethaniel sees a kindred spirit in Angel, whose soul is just as fractured from his time in prison as Ethaniel’s is from war. But Angel has another, deeper secret that haunts him—one he’s positive will destroy this new song with Ethaniel before it’s even written.

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  1. You just made my day! Yesterday I was looking to verify when "As I Am" was coming out and expecting it to be October 12th. I realized I had somehow gotten it really wrong and it wouldn't be coming out until 2017!!! I'm not sure how I got that so wrong, but I was so upset thinking I was going to have to wait until 2017 for another A.M. Arthur book. I am over the moon now to realize I only need to wait 3 1/2 weeks! OK. So, it's not October 12th. but it's much better than waiting until 2017. I might have a problem and may be slightly addicted to your books.