Monday, August 22, 2016

New Off Beat Series Covers

As a whole, the Off Beat series has been a bit of a departure for me. It was the first series I developed with an editor's input, and it was a nerve-wracking foray into something I'm not terribly familiar: rock stars. But once we'd brainstormed the concept, Body Rocks came alive in my mind very quickly. Dominic and Trey's romance was a lot of fun to write, and yes, it comes with my trademark #evilauthor angst. 

The other departure was in the cover art. The bare-chested, abs-for-days cover models aren't what my readers are used to seeing on my book covers, but it seemed to fit for what we were doing. Or did it?

The cover for Steady Stroke came out a few months ago, with a similar feel to it, and after listening to feedback from myself, and from readers, Swerve decided to go with another approach. To soften the covers and make them better a part of my author brand. So the old Steady Stroke cover has been replaced with something I love a whole lot more. The models really portray Lincoln and Emmett as I see them in my head.

And finally, the cover for Hot Licks, my promised menage romance. The model is abs-for-days, but there is a confidence there that very much reminds me of Van Holt, one of the heroes of this novel. I just need to make sure I write that leather jacket into the story....

What do you think?

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