Monday, September 14, 2015

Release Day: Taking A Chance (Restoration #3)

(I still can't get over how perfect this cover is, y'all.)

It's always somewhat sad to say good-bye to another series and the characters that populate those stories. I had a unique experience with the Restoration boys, as James, Nathan, Boxer and Elliott came to me as a pre-packaged unit. They were already a patchwork family at the start with GETTING IT RIGHT, and that's unusual for my books. I loved playing with characters who had entwined histories and a lot of love already in place for each other. Adding Riley to the family in FINDING THEIR WAY was a neat challenge, but Riley was also a familiar face to the Wilmington crowd.

Not so with Augustus. In figuring out Elliott's eventual HEA and who his hero would be, I took some advice from my editor to heart. She once made reference to those old cowboy serials, where the train is chugging down the tracks, straight for the hero or heroine, and eventually there will be a collision. One way to set up a romance novel is to have the hero be exactly the opposite of what the other hero wants/needs/can have. So when I asked myself the question "Who is the exact worst person for Elliott to fall in love with?" the answer was pretty simple: his late ex's other man.

How on earth do I make readers love a man who, even without realizing it, has caused Elliott so much heartache? How do I create a sympathetic, dynamic character who owns his mistakes, and is also strong enough to accept Elliott for all of himself?

You'll have to read to find out. 

I hope you enjoy the Restoration trilogy finale. But don't worry....I'm not ready to leave this version of Wilmington just yet....

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