Thursday, September 11, 2014

Interview with Author Jamie Lake

So for something new and different here at Small Towns, Big Love, I am posting an author interview with fellow m/m author Jamie Lake, who is promoting her Bad Boy romance series, beginning with Bad Boy: Naughty at Night.

Bad Boy: Naughty at Night is not like most m/m books, how would you describe it? I certainly hope it’s not like most m/m books. I really want my readers to experience something a little different and yet at the same time, has all the great things we love about m/m books. I mean, when’s the last time you read about a teacher who is moonlighting as a nude massage therapist for men?

It’s not easy to keep sex scenes interesting when so many readers have read them before. What did you do to keep yours fresh? Well, one of things I’ve done is I’ve taken notes about things I’ve fantasized about to spark ideas and I also work really hard with an editor to make those scenes come to life in ways that hopefully keep my readers turning the pages.

Straddling between the world of nude massage and prostitution is not an easy balance, how did you do this?
It’s not easy at all but I just made sure that my character Peter, didn’t cross the line into going all the way with any of his clients. It’s not a slut after all and especially after he meets a great guy and begins a relationship with someone who has no idea he’s doing this on the side, he personally, doesn’t want to go all the way.

This is actually a 5-part series, what can readers expect in each book? Each book hopefully is more and more exciting as we see Peter’s world fall apart and what it’s like when his school, his family, the world finds out what he’s been doing all along.  You feel sorry for him but at the same time, you root for him to get himself out of the situation.

Where can we get a copy of Bad Boy? You can get it exclusively on Amazon or email me at JamieLakeNovels AT gmail.

Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

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