Monday, March 5, 2012

Frozen: A Prodigal Story

FROZEN is a follow-up story to PRODIGAL, set in the same world of demons and blood pacts, but with a fresh set of characters.  The novella is available from Musa Publishing, or you can buy from Amazon.

At fifteen, Lee Mitchell and Roman Carmichael are sure their fledgling relationship can survive any heartache or hardship--until a spring canoeing trip ends with Lee in the hospital and Roman missing. With his memories of that final, tragic trip gone, Lee spends the next ten years building a life around the river where he lost Roman, existing on the hope that one day he'll find a clue as the fate of his first love.

During a late March snowstorm, Lee finds a stranger wandering the road and offers him a ride. Lee's shock and confusion at discovering this stranger is Roman, older and confused by his long absence, is fast tempered by relief and joy. But Roman isn't back to stay, and as they work to repair the fractured pieces of their past, the emerging truth of the night Roman disappeared may be the one thing that their enduring love cannot overcome.

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