Monday, April 24, 2017

New Release: Sound of Us (Us #2)

It took silly me three days to remember to write this post, and I have no idea why. Maybe I did it in my head and then forgot to do it in real life? I do that all the time with emails I read on my phone. Anywho....

Sound of Us (Us #2) is now available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. My experience of having the Us series in KU has been overwhelmingly positive, but as I promised with Here For Us, once the initial 3 month run is finished, I'm going to make this book available on all vendors for a short amount of time. So don't worry, Kobo fans! You'll be able to read them this summer.

In so many ways, Sound of Us truly is a continuation of the same story that I began in Here For Us. Even as that book closed in on 90k words, I knew the triad's story was nowhere near finished. So many dangling threads between these men needed to be resolved, new intimacies needed to be forged, and that's probably why I started writing this almost immediately after I finished HFU. I needed to finish the story. 

And I had a lot of fun doing so. This is definitely my sexiest book to date, but every single scene was character and relationship driven. These men absolutely led this book, and I had no issue following their lead to a stronger, more fully-formed HEA. I was also happy to delve a bit deeper into Dell's background, and I can't wait to explore him more fully in his own book.

Thank you, readers, for following along on this unexpected m/m/m journey.

Jake Bowden didn’t expect to be settling into a strong, loving relationship with another guy at only twenty-three years old—never mind with two. His chemistry with Cris is as strong as ever, while things with Charles are more like a simmer than a heavy boil. Charles says he’s perfectly content to go at Jake’s pace, but Jake isn’t sure slow is what he wants anymore. And when Jake wants something, he isn’t shy about going after it.

Cris Sable is head-over-heels in love with the two men in his life, and he’s vowed to do everything he can to protect the fragile, three-way relationship they’re cultivating—even if it means lying about his past. A dark past that resurfaces in an unexpected way and forces Cris to make the difficult choice between shielding Jake and Charles from it, or trusting them enough to help him face it head-on.

Charles Greenwood had forgotten what it felt like to be loved, until a feisty go-go boy and an ex-porn star fell into his bed, and then stole his heart away. He loves both men equally, but differently, slowly stoking the fire of the chemistry he shares with Jake, while passionately pursuing Cris—both in and out of bed. Their lives are entwining in the very best way…until Cris starts to pull away, distancing himself from the loving support of their triad. And after Cris disappears one night on a drunken bender, Charles vows to do whatever it takes to prove to Cris that he can trust them with anything—mind, body and spirit.

Three separate hearts will finally beat as one.

Note: This is the continuation of an m/m/m romance begun in Here For Us and is best read in order to fully enjoy the character and story development. The book also contains mild BDSM elements, including spanking.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sound of Us: Chapter One

Chapter One

“I want to move back to my apartment.”

Cris Sable fumbled the bowl he was putting into the dishwasher. It slipped from his fingers and cracked against another bowl he’d already lined up in the top rack. Instead of checking to see if he’d broken one of Chet’s dishes, he turned to look at the man who’d uttered the unexpected statement.

One of his boyfriends, Jake Bowden, watched him from the other side of the kitchen island, his brown eyes wide with a combination of apprehension and determination.

“You what?” Cris said, even though he’d heard Jake clearly the first time.

Jake chewed on his bottom lip, then took a breath. “I want to move back to Benny’s apartment. I mean, the whole reason Chet brought me here was so you guys could help me with my bipolar, and it’s been a month, so….” His determination bled away, leaving only fear. “Are you mad?”

“Of course not.” Cris wiped his hands on a towel, then circled the island to stand by Jake. He dwarfed the younger man by six inches and lots of muscle, but something about Jake’s big heart made Cris feel very small sometimes. “Chet never put a time limit on you living here.”

“I know, but I feel like I’m taking advantage by staying now that I’m making progress. Plus I…I need to know I can do this on my own.”

Cris had no counter-argument for that. He understood Jake’s need to be independent again, after leaning on Cris and Chet for the better part of five weeks. Jake’s bipolar disorder was being managed with medication and weekly therapy sessions. He’d gone back to work go-go dancing at a gay bar named Big Dick’s. And he was easing into the complications of being part of a three-man relationship.

All three of them were, both in and out of the bedroom. Jake was still dealing with the side effects of his medications, and he was extremely sensitive about his temporary erectile dysfunction, so physical affection between the three of them had remained limited to blow jobs and rubbing off.

Jake moving out of the house and back into his shared apartment was an empowering move for him. Intellectually, Cris understood that. His heart hated the idea of Jake being a fifteen minute drive away. “I think moving out is very brave,” Cris said. “Selfishly, I don’t want you to go, because I like waking up with you every morning, but I do understand why you want to do this.”

Jake visibly relaxed, then leaned into Cris’s broad chest. Cris looped both arms around Jake’s waist, absorbing the heat of his boyfriend’s lean body. “Thank you,” Jake said. “I like sleeping and waking up with you guys, too, but this is something I really need to do.”

“I know.” He rested his chin on the top of Jake’s head. “On the plus side, you’ll be close to work again.”

“Very true. I think I use your car more than you do.” Jake’s apartment was only a seven block walk to the club, versus Chet’s house in the suburbs, which required a car ride across the river to get back and forth. Jake had never owned a car, so he usually borrowed Cris’s.

Being a programmer meant Cris could work anywhere, as long as he had his laptop and earbuds. The car was simply a relic from his old life that he’d never managed to part with. He’d drive it until it died.

“Have you called Benny about moving back?” Cris asked.

“Not yet, but I paid him my share of the rent on the first, so the room’s still mine.”

“Do you know when you want to leave?”

Jake huffed. “I don’t want to leave, but I do think this is the right call. I’ve thought about it for a while, and I even talked to Dr. Englade about it, so this isn’t the same kind of impulsive, dumb decision I used to make.”

Cris loved that Jake had consulted his therapist and put thought into the matter, but he also couldn’t resist teasing him. “Impulsive, huh? Like pretending to steal my wallet after the first night we had sex, because you were so attracted to me it scared you into pushing me away?”

“You’re never letting me live that down, are you?”

“Honey, I will tell that story to our grandchildren.”

Jake stiffened in his arms; Cris realized what he’d said and how it probably sounded.
“Metaphorical grandchildren,” Cris amended.

Damage done. Jake wiggled out of his arms, uncertainty etched all over his face. “Do you want kids?”

Okay, this was not a conversation Cris was prepared to have on a Thursday morning. “I’m not against the idea of kids, but I’ve never sat down and dreamed of a life with them in it. Maybe a little bit when I first started dating Lily, but not since.”

Lily had been the first person he’d dated who’d completely accepted his bisexuality, and Cris had fallen in love quickly. Loving her had been the best six months of his life—until he confessed to his former side job filming gay porn. He hadn’t filmed a scene since they became exclusive, but she had still freaked, refused any explanation, and left him heartbroken. He’d dealt with his own bout of depression after that, quitting porn completely, shutting out everyone except his best friend Taro Ichikawa.

Taro had pulled him out of it, and Cris had returned to porn again for two more years, before officially resigning a few weeks ago. Cris never would have been able to date Chet while Chet was still his boss. They planned to film Cris’s official retirement video for the website this weekend.

“Besides,” Cris said, “there are still too many religious nutjobs who froth at the mouth over gay couples adopting kids. I can only imagine the epic freak-out of a threesome wanting to adopt.”


Cris didn’t want to talk about this anymore. He never should have made the dumb joke about grandkids, so he redirected to Jake’s announcement. “Have you told Chet about you leaving yet? Or did you use me as a sounding board?”

Jake crossed his arms and leaned against the island. “I wanted to tell you first. I kind of feel like Chet’s going to follow your lead, and you’re being super chill about this.”

“That’s because I love you, and I want you to be happy. If moving out for a while is what you need, I’ll support it. It’s what boyfriends do. As long as Benny doesn’t mind sleepovers once in a while.”

“I doubt he’ll care.” Jake’s dark eyes went wide. “Fuck, what if Chet wants to stay over? Wouldn’t that be weird? I mean, the only person who knows we’re all dating is Dell.”

Dell Greenwood was Chet’s nephew, as well as his director of photography for the porn studio in the basement. The only reason Dell was in on the secret was because he lived at the house, too, and he’d witnessed the entire complicated process of their threesome finding their way to each other.

“We’ll figure it all out,” Cris said. “But maybe we should figure it out with Chet, since he’s one third of this.”

“Figure what out with Chet?” Proving himself a man of impeccable timing, Chet Green strode into the kitchen from the foyer archway. He’d eaten breakfast with them in his pajamas, which was rare, so he’d gone upstairs to shower and dress, while Jake and Cris cleaned up from the meal.
Chet could make the dirtiest rags look sexy as fuck. Almost as tall as Cris, but with a leaner, swimmer’s body, Chet wore a blue polo and khakis like it was the finest three-piece suit. His silver-spackled hair was styled perfectly, and even though he’d turned forty-eight this past spring, you’d never guess he was older than thirty-nine.

Chet stopped an arm’s reach from Jake and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” Cris said. “But this is something that involves all three of us, so I’m glad you’re here.”

“All right.”

Jake swallowed hard before facing Chet. “I want to move back to Benny’s apartment for a while, so I can prove I can function on my own and manage my meds, and that all of my progress isn’t going to go away if you guys aren’t here twenty-four-seven to prop me up.”

Chet’s frown softened into a fond smile. “I think that’s a very mature decision, Jake.”

“You do?”

“Very much so. In fact, I’ve been struggling with a way to bring this up myself.”

Jake edged backward a step. “You want me to leave?”

“Quite the opposite.” Chet invaded Jake’s personal space, trapping Jake between the island and his taller body. He hunched down to meet Jake’s eyes and planted both hands on the countertop behind Jake. “I love you here, in my house and in my bed. But I brought you here knowing it was temporary, and now that you’re managing your illness, you need to start managing your life again.”

“Yeah,” Jake said.

“So if you leave, I want you to leave knowing you will always be welcome back.”

“Thank you.” Jake’s lips curled into a sexy smirk. “Plus, us living in different places means we can go on, like, real dates. You and me don’t really do a lot, you know, just the two of us.”

“That’s true, and we can most certainly manage dates. I’d love to spend time with you outside of this house.”

“But what about other people knowing that all three of us are dating?” He squirmed enough that Chet stepped back, giving him space.

“What about it?” Chet asked. “Even if the three of us went out to a meal in a nice restaurant, no one would know we were together unless we began swapping kisses at the table.”

The mental image of the three of them dressed up and making out in a fancy restaurant made Cris’s dick twitch. He’d never do it, but goddamn, he wanted to publicly claim these two amazing, passionate men as his, and no one else’s.

“I guess.” Jake didn’t sound happy about the idea of their threesome being discovered, and that hurt a little bit.

“Are you embarrassed to be dating two men at once?” Cris asked.

“Not really. I mean, it isn’t that I’m embarrassed by you guys. It’s just that this is so…abnormal.”
Cris flinched.

“Shit, that’s the wrong word.” Jake pushed away from the counter and stalked to the kitchen table. Grabbed the back of a chair but didn’t turn around. “Chet explained polyamory to me and I get it. I do. But not everyone else will. Most people won’t.”

“That didn’t seem to be an issue when we started this weeks ago,” Cris said, confused by this new hesitation in Jake. And frustrated by talking to his back. “Will you look at us, please?”

Jake turned, arms crossed, a familiar look of defiance on his face.

“I think I understand,” Chet said. “Jake leaving moves this relationship outside of these four walls. It’s no longer protected. No longer hidden from outside scrutiny and criticism.”

“But that’s going to happen at some point,” Cris said. “We can’t hide forever, and we shouldn’t have to.” They’d already been hiding for weeks, and all Cris wanted to do was shout to the rooftops about how lucky he was.

“I know that, okay?” Jake snapped. “I just…I’m a go-go dancer, you know? People hear that and automatically assume I’m some kind of slut, so what will they think if they know I’m seeing two guys at once? Uber-slut dancer, aisle threesome?”

“You know you aren’t a slut, so why does it matter so much what other people think?”

Jake took three strides forward, hands balled at his sides, unexpected anger blazing in his eyes. “That’s easy for you to say. You’re this big, buff dude who can shut people up with a glare, and you’re comfortable with people looking at you. You did porn, for fuck’s sake. And maybe I dance half-naked for money, but that doesn’t mean I want people staring at my personal life and dissecting it. It’s too private for that.”

Cris frowned. “Just because I did porn doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with people getting up in my personal life either. Why the hell do you think I used a stage name? Yeah, I showed off my naked body, but Dane wasn’t me, Jake. Internet subscribers don’t get the real me. You guys do.”

“So if you don’t want people up in our business, either, why don’t you get what I’m saying?” Jake was coiled tight, one wrong word away from bursting into tears.

Cris had to fix this. “I do get what you’re saying. I guess I see our relationship differently. I don’t see it as this weird, bizarre thing that people are going to examine under a microscope like we’re a new strain of bacteria. I’m so goddamn proud to be with both of you, and I want to show it. I want people to know you guys are mine and that I love you. I can’t do that if we’re hiding in this house.”

A single tear slipped down Jake’s cheek, and the sight of it broke Cris’s heart a little bit. He swept Jake into his arms, grateful that Jake didn’t struggle or protest the hug. “I’m sorry,” Cris whispered. “I’m sorry that I can’t say the right thing, I’m sorry.”

“You said the right thing,” Jake said into his armpit. “I’m the emotional mess who gets weepy over the way you say ‘I love you’.”

“I don’t ever want to make you scared or uncomfortable to be around me in public.”

“I’m not.” Jake lifted his head, eyes still wet but clear. “Deciding to move out was such a big decision for me that I didn’t think about what that would mean for us, the three of us, in terms of seeing each other on the outside. We’ve been isolated since we started living together, and fucking around together, and I know that bubble can’t last, but I’m fucking terrified to expose myself.”

“It’s perfectly acceptable to be scared,” Chet said. He slung an arm around each of their necks, completing their triad of support. “Jake, your life has altered dramatically in the last few weeks. Learning to live with bipolar is no small thing. Managing one romantic relationship is difficult for anyone, but two at once? It’s a monumental undertaking. And this thing we’re doing now? Us talking about our fears and insecurities? It’s what will make this work, no matter what life throws at us.”

“I like the sound of us.” Jake rested his head on Chet’s shoulder. “But I also need to figure out me. Me living with bipolar. Me with you. Me with Cris. Me with other people. It’s just so much.

“We’re both here for you, love. Whatever you need.”

“We are,” Cris said, heart swelling with emotion. He’d do whatever had to do, slay whatever dragons needed slaying, in order to protect these men.

“It’s so stupid,” Jake said. “Sometimes I don’t know if these freak-outs are legit, or if it’s because of the disease, and I’m heading for a hypomanic state again.”

“It isn’t stupid,” Chet replied. “You have a long way to go before you’ll be able to see the differences between mania and legitimate anxiety or excitement. But you’ll get there.”

“It’s easier to believe when you say it.”

Cris bit back a joke about himself being less trustworthy than Chet, because now wasn’t the time. “I know patience isn’t your strong suit,” Cris said to Jake, “but give yourself time to get used to your new normal, okay? I might want to show you off to the world, but I can be patient, too, and wait until you’re ready.”

“Thank you. You’re ready to run out into the big, wide world, but I still need baby steps. Maybe a hand to hold and verbal encouragement to keep me going once in a while.”

“Anytime.” Cris kissed his cheek. “Are we good?”

“Of course we are, you big dork.”

Using his very best nasal tone, Cris snapped back with, “I know you are, but what am I?”

Jake nearly fell over laughing. In some burst of evil genius, last weekend Chet had marathoned Pee-wee Herman movies, starting with Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. After Jake got over the sheer ridiculousness of the film, he hooted his way through most of it. And he’d been the first to use the infamous line on Cris yesterday, when Cris called Jake a little dork.

Cris loved that they kind of had their own way of teasing each other.

“I’m going to regret ever showing you those movies, aren’t I?” Chet asked as Jake tried to pull himself together.

“Yes,” Cris said at the same time Jake managed, “Never.”

“Not to ruin the euphoria of the moment,” Chet said, “but when were you planning to move out, Jake?”

Jake wiped his streaming eyes on the back of his hand. “Um, I’m not sure. It’s not like I have a lot to move. My whole life fits into a duffel bag.”

Something flickered in Chet’s eyes, as it frequently did when Jake referenced money, even indirectly. Jake had ended up homeless at twenty and couch surfed for a while, until lucking into both a job and an apartment share. For the last three years, he’d pinched every penny and lived in a way that allowed him to pick up and go at a moment’s nice.

Chet, on the other hand, had cash coming out of his ears, thanks to his shares in a lucrative investment company in Los Angeles. He’d moved to Pennsylvania ten years ago, in order to start over, and that’s when he’d hatched the idea for his gay porn site, Mean Green Boys. The majority of the money went to his models, because Chet didn’t need it. He lived a modest lifestyle, too, and it was one of the things Cris loved most about him. Chet was generous with what he had, because he knew what it was like to have nothing.

If Jake stayed here with Chet, he’d never want for anything, but Jake needed to prove his independence first. He’d taken care of himself for too long to become trapped in a relationship with no viable escape options. They all understood that, which made Jake moving out less painful than it otherwise might have been.

“I mean, I guess I could go anytime,” Jake said, uncertain again. “It’s not like I can’t dump my stuff and come back, or whatever.”

“You are free to come and go as you please,” Chet said. “The key I gave you is yours to keep.”

Jake’s surprise melted into gentle affection—a specific look he often directed at Chet. They were still defining the boundaries their personal relationship, but every time Jake looked at Chet like that—and Chet at Jake in return—Cris knew it wouldn’t be long before they took the next step in furthering their sexual relationship.

“Thank you,” Jake said. “I’ll probably still call or text first, to make sure someone’s home, but thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Chet’s eyebrows dipped, and he looked at Cris with a frown. “Are you returning to your apartment as well?”

Cris’s stomach bottomed out. He’d moved in the same day as Jake, with the same goal—get Jake well. And he’d done that. He’d also fallen in love with Chet, and he very much loved living with him. Sleeping with him. Eating and watching TV and snacking on popcorn with him. As much as he’d once enjoyed his solitary existence…Cris didn’t want his empty apartment anymore.

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” Cris said. “We were all so focused on Jake.”

Jake squeezed his wrist. “Please don’t think you have to leave because I am. I mean, unless Chet wants his house back. But I won’t be mad or jealous if you stay, I swear.”

“Are you sure? I mean, it would feel weird being here without you, but…” He glanced at Chet, who had his heart in his eyes. “I do love it here. You and Dell are family.”

“I feel the same way,” Chet said, a heavy rasp in his voice. “About you, Cristian, and you as well, Jake. You’re both family now.”

Anxiety rippled down Cris’s spine. This was a huge step, one he’d never imagined taking all those weeks ago, when living here had been a temporary solution. But he also couldn’t make himself say it first. “So what exactly do you mean when you say family?”

Chet smiled. “It means that if you wish to, I want you to move here. Permanently. Break your lease. Make this your home. If there are expenses, I’m happy to cover them. I want you here, Cristian, if this is where you want to be.”

“It is. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Cris didn’t anticipate Chet’s fierce hug, and it nearly knocked him over. He clung to Chet, laughing along with him at the huge step Cris was making in his personal life. He’d never lived with a romantic partner before, not even Lily, so this was going to be an interesting adjustment. But he wanted this to work more than he’d wanted anything in his life.

It also terrified him deep down, where he hid the worst of his past. The parts he’d fled Long Island to escape, along with his late sister Grace. The parts he’d had plastic surgery and changed his name to ensure could never find him again. He’d die if his past came back to hurt Chet or Jake.

Chet kissed Cris soundly, a firm press of lips and tongue, before taking a step back. His cheeks were flushed, his pale eyes glistening. “You’ve made me so incredibly happy today, you have no idea.”

“I’m happy too,” Cris replied. “Nervous, but happy.”

“Why nervous?”

“I haven’t lived with another person since I was eighteen. Ten years is a long time to be a lone wolf.”

“Trust me, I understand. I’d lived alone for a very long time before Dell moved in. It took some adjusting on my part, and now I can’t imagine him not being in my life. The same goes for you, and when he’s ready to come back, Jake, too.”

Jake had inched away from them, probably giving them space to share their moment, but he was too far away. Cris slid an arm around his waist and tugged him closer, needing him there. “We’ll make this work. All three of us.”

“Of course we will,” Chet said. “There’s no choice but to make it work.”

“You two make it sound so easy,” Jake said.

“I have no illusions it will be easy, love. No relationship is easy. There will likely be disagreements, perhaps even fights. But I think the final results will be worth the temporary pain. And as we’ve all agreed, our best defense against this falling apart is communication. Between all three of us.” Chet pinned Cris with a firm look. “No more secrets.”

Cris’s belly wobbled. He knew Chet wasn’t referencing Cris’s past; Chet meant the kidney secret. Months ago, Dell had been living in kidney failure. Cris had shared the same rare blood type as Dell, so he anonymously donated a kidney in order to save Dell’s life. He hadn’t told anyone except Taro, and then Jake stumbled over the information by accident. When Chet discovered the secret a few weeks ago, he’d been incredibly hurt. Not by the donation, but because Cris hadn’t been honest with him at the start of their relationship.

He didn’t want to keep secrets anymore, but not even Taro knew the full truth of Cris’s past—not because he didn’t trust Taro. He did. No, Cris’s past was his past, and he’d nailed that door shut a long time ago.
“No more secrets,” Cris lied. “Promise.”

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sound of Us (Us #2): Cover, Blurb and Release Date

The sequel to last month's HERE FOR US is coming soon to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Releasing April 21, 2017, the triad is back as Cris, Jake and Charles navigate what it means to be in a three-way relationship. I'll have pre-order links when it goes live.

Jake Bowden didn’t expect to be settling into a strong, loving relationship with another guy at only twenty-three years old—never mind with two. His chemistry with Cris is as strong as ever, while things with Charles are more like a simmer than a heavy boil. Charles says he’s perfectly content to go at Jake’s pace, but Jake isn’t sure slow is what he wants anymore. And when Jake wants something, he isn’t shy about going after it.

Cris Sable is head-over-heels in love with the two men in his life, and he’s vowed to do everything he can to protect the fragile, three-way relationship they’re cultivating—even if it means lying about his past. A dark past that resurfaces in an unexpected way and forces Cris to make the difficult choice between shielding Jake and Charles from it, or trusting them enough to help him face it head-on.

Charles Greenwood had forgotten what it felt like to be loved, until a feisty go-go boy and an ex-porn star fell into his bed, and then stole his heart away. He loves both men equally, but differently, slowly stoking the fire of the chemistry he shares with Jake, while passionately pursuing Cris—both in and out of bed. Their lives are entwining in the very best way…until Cris starts to pull away, distancing himself from the loving support of their triad. And after Cris disappears one night on a drunken bender, Charles vows to do whatever it takes to prove to Cris that he can trust them with anything—mind, body and spirit.

Three separate hearts will finally beat as one.

Note: This is the continuation of an m/m/m romance begun in Here For Us and is best read in order to fully enjoy the character and story development. The book also contains mild BDSM elements, including spanking.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Here For Us: Thoughts on Release Day

Here For Us, the book I never imagined I'd write, is finally here.

Back in the summer/fall of 2015, after I'd turned in the first draft of The Heart As He Hears It (Perspectives #3), I started thinking about what I'd write for Perspectives 4. I wanted to write about Dane/Cristian, who'd shared a number of scenes with Heart's hero Jon and who seemed really interesting. I also wanted to pair him with Jon's reticent roommate Jake. So I did. I wrote the first chapter and part of chapter two....and then I got stuck. I had no idea where the story was going from there. So I put it down and wrote other things. I didn't give the started story a lot of thought, especially  not after the first Samhain "closure," because I figured the series was shelved for a while.

Until the fall of 2016, when a reader asked, "What about Chet?" Chet was the producer of Mean Green Boys, the porn studio featured throughout the Perspectives books. He's older, settled, and took his nephew in after an incident with illegal drugs. Chet was a nurturer, but a romance hero? What? made sense. And I was in the middle of writing my first m/m/m romance, Hot Licks, so I started to ponder adding him to the Cristian/Jake dynamic. 

And suddenly I had a story. Cristian and Jake didn't work alone. They needed Chet in the mix. They needed to be a threesome. And this was no longer a Perspectives book, because this wasn't going to be a single title starring these three--they were a spin-off. I started writing this book again on October 23, and finished it on December 19. Two months and roughly 94,000 words later, and I had a draft. 

I also immediately began writing the sequel, Sound of Us, on December 28. These characters latched onto my mind and didn't let go for months, and I regret nothing. Here For Us was a joy to write, and I'm so excited to be sharing it with readers. I'm also excited to be dipping my toes into the world of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. 

To celebrate the book's release, IndiGo Marketing has put together a fabulous Book Blitz. Please check it out for a chance to win a $25 e-gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Perspectives Now in Kindle Unlimited

My three Perspectives series books have been re-published on Amazon through my indie imprint Briggs-King books. The books were not changed in any way, except for the necessary copyright alterations. No additional story content was added, so folks who've already bought the books do not have to buy them again.

They are also available to borrow in Kindle Unlimited for the first time! New buy/borrow links are below.

The Truth As He Knows It
The World As He Sees It
The Heart As He Hears It

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First NSFW Chapter: Here For Us (Us #1)

Only ten more days before Here For Us lands on your e-readers! I'm so excited for this book to finally come out. To get you revved up for it, here's a very NSFW first chapter of my forthcoming March/May/September menage romance. Enjoy!

Chapter One

I need to fucking get laid.

The thought followed Cris Sable through the heavy industrial door that hid the throbbing interior of Big Dick’s, the most popular gay nightclub in Harrisburg. The place was hard to find if you didn’t know where it was, or if you didn’t know the big muscle bear sitting by the entrance was a bouncer. Cris hadn’t been to the club in over a year, mostly by choice, but tonight he needed something.

Definitely a drink, although he’d have to limit himself now that he was functioning with one kidney. And, if possible, he wanted to leave with a willing ass to fuck. It had been a long dry spell.
A dry spell of his own making, but still, a guy had needs, and he wasn’t looking to get his needs met by a woman tonight. Tonight he needed dick.

He eased his way over to the bar and ordered a margarita on the rocks. Something he could work his way through slowly. The club was in full swing, bodies gyrating on the dance floor, men dry humping their way through the evening. Soon early morning. At the rear of the dance floor, six go-go dancers were on risers, each decked out in one color of the rainbow. Barely-there briefs in a solid color, sparkle body paint all over their chests and legs, and some dancers even had colorful streaks in their hair. Monday was theme night for the go-go dancers, which explained why there were so many. On the other nights of the week that Cris had visited, the club usually only had three dancers.

Cris zeroed in on the dancer in blue. He loved the color blue, and this kid was pretty fucking hot in a royal blue thong, with blue swirls across his pecs and shoulders. Something kind of tribal and arty. He spun around to shake his ass, showing off very taut blue-painted cheeks. Even from the distance, he was cute. The kind of cute Cris liked to wrangle around in bed and fuck through the mattress.

Occasionally, a hand would rise from the crowd with money in it, and the blue dancer squatted low enough for the money to be tucked away in their underwear. Very strip club-esque, but Big Dick’s had a strict policy about not touching the dancers for longer than it took to tip them.

He scanned the other dancers’ faces and froze solid at the guy at the end. Despite the yellow paint, Cris knew that nearly naked body intimately enough to see past the costume and recognize Colby. Not his real name, and Cris didn’t know what it was, but they’d filmed together at Mean Green Boys roughly two years ago. Colby was only with the company for a few months before he quit to be with his boyfriend.

Cris had been intensely jealous at the time. At twenty-eight years old, he’d failed to find and maintain a serious relationship for longer than six months. And even that relationship had imploded when she found out he did gay porn. Okay, so he shouldn’t have kept that a secret for so long. He’d been so damned happy to find someone who understood and accepted he was bisexual that he’d been scared to destroy it too soon by admitting to the porn.

But secrets never did a relationship any good, and Lily had dumped his ass hard.

He’d taken a two year hiatus from porn after that, hoping to try and rebuild his flailing love life, before returning to Mean Green. The studio owner, Chet Green, was one of his closest friends—hence the very secret reason for his single remaining kidney.

“Hello, gorgeous.” A slinky number in leather pants and a silver mesh shirt slid up to Cris at the bar. Cute, kohl-lined eyes, plump lips that promised they knew how to suck a dick.

Cris grinned. “Who, me?”

“Oh, honey, we both know you’re the sexiest thing in the club tonight.” A warm arm draped over his shoulders. “Name’s Luke.”


“Hmm, I think you look more like a Vincent.”

Cris tensed. No fucking way could this random guy know who he was. There was no hint of malice in his easy grin, no sign the name was anything other than a really good guess. Cris came from an Italian family from Long Island, and the genes were pretty strong. He’d rid himself of his identifying accent years ago, though, thank Christ.

“Or Vincenzo, or Anthony,” the kid said, oblivious to Cris’s racing thoughts.

“Well, it’s Cris.” Rude, fine, but he’d lost any interest in Luke. Cristian Sable was his identity now. “See you around.”

Cris pushed away from the bar and eased his way into the crowd occupying the fringes of the dance floor. A few blatant offers came his way, but Cris turned them all down. He didn’t realize he’d inched closer to the risers and his blue dancer until the guy was less than ten feet away.
Blue had a face that was both easygoing and sharp. He was enjoying himself without totally letting his guard down. And he was hella cute. Fuckable for sure.

Bodies danced frenetically all around him, allowing Cris to stay close to the wall and shift nearer to Blue. Someone held up a bill between two fingers. Blue wiggled his hips and squatted low so the money could be tucked into his g-string. The triangle of blue material held a very promising package for a smaller guy.

Blue blew a kiss to his patron, then spun in an ass-wiggling circle. His dark gaze roamed the crowd, then paused on Cris. An unexpected thrill shot through him. Some sort of instinctive acknowledgement of the man on the stage, as if they’d been waiting to meet. Blue held eye contact; Cris drew out a long, lazy smile. Blue cocked his head, winked, and then kept dancing. Cris stayed in his spot. Every few minutes, Blue glanced his way. Right into his eyes.

Target acquired.

The dancers came and went from the risers, likely taking breaks in between sets. When Blue winked again and disappeared, Cris had half a mind to try and find him. Except he didn’t work at the club, and he had no real excuse to get backstage. Cris sipped his watered-down margarita and watched the eye candy on display. The gorgeous men, the throbbing music, and the heady scents of sweat and sex worked their magic on Cris, and he was half-hard by the time a brown-haired kid with a smear of blue under both eyes sidled up next to him.

Cris studied the familiar face, now scrubbed clean except for those two very appealing smudges. His hair maintained hints of blue glitter. He’d covered that amazing body with jeans and a white sleeveless tee, but this was Cris’s dancer. Blue.

“You off the clock?” Cris asked.

“Yup.” He grabbed Cris’s glass and finished it off with a smirk that did funny things to Cris’s balls. “Damn, I think I owe you a drink.”

He laughed. “Cris.”

“Jake.” He snagged Cris’s belt and tugged him toward the bar.

The forwardness was a huge fucking turn on, and Cris’s cock was at full mast by the time they reached the bar. An older man in a sparkly vest smiled at them.

“Two margaritas on the rocks,” Jake said. “My tab.”

“On it,” the bartender said.

Cris rested one hand on Jake’s lower back, and he was surprised by the tiny thrill that vibrated up his arm. Jake pressed into his touch, eyelids fluttering as if he’d felt something similar. Cris leaned in to whisper in his ear, “Blue is my favorite color.”

Jake looked up, big brown eyes glimmering with mischief. “Oh yeah?”

“Definitely. It looks good on you.”

“Know what else would look good on me?”

Cris saw the flirty line coming, but he played along. “What’s that?”


He nuzzled Jake’s ear with his nose. “I agree.”

The bartender slid their drinks over. Jake gulped his, while Cris only sipped. And studied his future sex partner. A good six inches shorter than him, and slimmer all over. Dance-honed muscles. Tight jeans that did nothing to hide his erection. A very One Direction boyish hotness about him that made Cris want to fuck him senseless.

“I’d ask if you want to dance,” Jake said, “but you didn’t bust a move all night.”

“Not much of a dancer.”

“No good?”

“I’m plenty good.” Cris put a little leer into those words. “But I don’t like using dancing as foreplay. I’d rather play in private.”

Jake pressed his hard dick against Cris’s thigh, amusement dancing in his eyes. His voice was crazy sexy in a way that Cris couldn’t describe, but he liked it. “So I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of the bathroom with the favors?”

Big Dick’s had two bathrooms for its patrons, and rumor had it that the bathroom on the left had a bowl of condoms and lube sachets for patrons. Folks interested in a quick—and safe—fuck with a stranger. The bathroom on the right was for regular business.

“Nope.” Cris slid his hand from Jake’s lower back to grab his ass. “I prefer a nice big bed where I can have my way with someone for a few hours. Upright in a bathroom stall is over too fast.”

Jake swallowed hard, his cheeks pinking up. “Sounds like an adventure.”

“You up for it?”

“What do you think?” He ground his dick into Cris’s thigh. “Think I’m up for it?”

“I might need more convincing.”

Jake grabbed at Cris’s erection and squeezed, the contact sending happy sparklers down Cris’s spine. He really liked Jake touching him. “I’d suck you right here but Richard frowns on public displays of fellatio.”

Cris didn’t know who Richard was, and he didn’t care. Owner or manager, probably. His only priority was getting Jake naked in his bed. He pushed his mostly full glass away. “Then let’s get out of here before you get in trouble with your boss.”

Jake gulped his margarita, then plunked his glass on the bar. “Lead the way.”

He did.

The cool night air did nothing to ease his throbbing dick, nor did the long walk to his car. Jake kept close, their arms brushing, but otherwise not touching. The city was still alive and well all around them, and while Cris was big and imposing enough that few people ever bothered him, Jake walked with purpose. Aware of everyone they passed. He’d danced the exact same way: wary of the world.
Cris silently promised to help Jake forget those shadows that made him walk through life like it would turn against him at any moment. Even if only for a few hours.

The instant they were in his car and Cris had it aimed toward his apartment, Jake reached over and undid his fly. Stunned at the kid’s brazenness, Cris didn’t protest. He kept three-quarters of his attention on the road, while the rest watched—and felt—Jake tug his dick out of his boxer-briefs. Jake’s touch felt like a brand on already sensitive skin.

“Uncut,” Jake whispered. “Very nice.”

Cris’s pulse raced at the compliment. Most of the chicks he’d slept with had been initially turned off by his foreskin. They were used to seeing cut dicks. Dudes were way more appreciative.

Jake played with his dick, sliding the foreskin in a slow, lazy way that barely kept Cris from driving them into a telephone pole. Jake kept hold the entire ten minute drive, a long descent into madness that nearly had Cris demanding Jake suck him off already. His orgasm teetered on the edge without getting close enough to tip him over.

He pulled into the underground parking and into a space between two SUV’s. The vehicles would provide great camouflage for a blow job, but Jake proved just how sadistic he was by letting go. He flashed Cris a wicked grin. Wicked and challenging.

This is going to be fun.

Cris tucked himself back in, which was not an easy feat thanks to Jake’s teasing. Even in the privacy of the elevator, Jake stayed hands-off. Cris led him down the corridor to his apartment, unlocked it, and let them inside.

The moment he locked the door behind them, Jake spun and yanked his head down. The faint taste of lime and tequila filled Cris’s mouth. A very insistent tongue stroked past his lips, teasing and seeking. The spark was immediate and dizzying, electric everywhere they touched.

Cris spun them. He pushed Jake against the door, holding him there with a thigh between his legs. Jake humped his thigh while he devoured his mouth with a very talented tongue that Cris couldn’t wait to feel against his dick.

The desperate kiss softened by degrees. Cris dragged his lips along Jake’s jaw, tasting sweat and soap, then down to nibble at his earlobe. Jake shoved his hands past Cris’s belt to grab both cheeks. The small huffs and groans encouraged Cris to play with Jake’s ear some more. Suck the lobe. Lick the delicate shell.

“Fuck,” Jake said.

Cris chuckled. “Soon.”


That he could do. He untangled them, grabbed Jake’s wrist, and led him across the small living room to the single bedroom. Flipped the light on. Jake gazed around. Cris wasn’t big on useless objects, so the room had furniture and a mirror. A lamp. A TV and blue-ray player. Little else beyond some dirty clothes he hadn’t put in the hamper.

Cris fished a condom and lube out of the nightstand and tossed them up near the pillows. Jake followed their trajectory, then toed off his sneakers. Cris did the same, shucking his clothes as expediently as possible, because hot, cute boy. Near his bed. Also getting naked fast.

This was the fun kind of sex. Chemistry, intent, no cameras or director reminding him not to block the come shot. Cris had every intention of coming inside Jake tonight.

Before Cris could haul Jake in for another kiss, Jake dropped to his knees and licked up the length of Cris’s cock. The slick touch spread a wonderful warmth through his belly and chest, that only intensified when Jake nibbled on his foreskin. He bit and played until Cris almost couldn’t stand it, before sucking him down onto wet heat.

“Fuck.” Cris sifted his fingers through Jake’s soft hair, holding on without hurting, because damn. Jake’s tongue dragged up and down the underside of Cris’s cock, an amazing sensation that made Cris’s eyes want to roll back in his head. Except he couldn’t stop watching Jake. His stretched lips and hollowed cheeks. The intense way Jake went about blowing him. Cris could watch this all day long and never tire of it.

He’d never been so mesmerized by a sex partner sucking him as he was with Jake, and he didn’t ponder the meaning behind that. Only that holy damn, it felt good.

Too much, too fast had Cris’s orgasm teetering too close. He nudged Jake off, then ran a thumb over his glistening lips. “Your turn. On the bed.”

Jake grinned, licked his thumb, and then did as told. He spread out on his back, hands behind his head, so perfectly wanton that Cris wanted to devour him. To lick every inch of skin, tease every curve and plane of muscle. He also desperately wanted in that taut little ass, and that took priority over exploration tonight.

Maybe Jake would be up for a repeat.

Cris knelt between his spread legs, admiring the boy on his bed. He rubbed his palms up Jake’s legs, from calf to thigh, enjoying the perfectly smooth skin. The way muscles jumped beneath his touch. Jake’s cock lay flat against his stomach, long and hard with a lovely mushroom head. Fun to play with and play Cris did. Licking around the glans, nibbling up and down the shaft, nosing at the root. Putting Jake’s scent and taste everywhere.

Jake’s thighs trembled. Hands in Cris’s hair kept trying to direct him, get him to suck already, but Cris was stronger. He flattened Jake’s hands to the bed on either side of Jake’s hips, then returned to his oral assault until Jake started cussing at him.

He looked up into frenzied eyes that dared him to keep teasing. Cris winked, then sucked Jake’s length down. Jake hollered, and Cris nearly crowed at the sound. He loved making his partner fall apart, frenzied with need, long before the fucking began. Hard pulls up and down, sometimes scraping with his teeth. Jake pumped his hips, trying to fuck Cris’s mouth.

“Fuck, please,” Jake said on a gasp.

Cris pulled off. “Not yet.”

He released Jake’s hands so he could push his legs back, tilting Jake’s hips and exposing his hole.

Jake made a desperate noise. “Yes.”

“You like getting your asshole licked?”

“Fuck yes.”

Cris flicked the tip of his tongue against the puckered muscle, the barest touch.

Jake’s hips jerked. “Bastard.”

He bit Jake’s left cheek, earning a surprised yelp that settled into a long moan. A second flicker of his tongue. Another hip jerk. Cris entertained himself with the tease, alternating long swipes with short flicks, playing Jake’s body for all he was worth, because damn, the kid was responsive. Jake never stopped making noise, never stopped thrashing and begging for more, and each little sound made Cris harder. Sent him higher.

Cris snagged the lube without missing a beat. Slicked up a finger while he ate Jake’s hole, softening him for the surprise. He lifted his head to watch Jake’s face as he pressed that finger inside. Jake’s eyes went wide, mouth falling open in a long, desperate gasp. He humped Cris’s finger, so Cris fucked him with it, slow at first. A gentle tease, waiting for a sign from Jake.

The moment Jake lifted his head high enough to meet his gaze, brown eyes simmering with lust and need, Cris fucked him harder. Jake’s eyes rolled back when he added a second finger, fucking him to the last knuckle, driving Jake higher with only his hand. No sounds beyond Jake’s gasps and cries and the slip slap of skin on skin.

Jake raised his head with effort, cheeks stained red, and gasped, “Another one.”

Something inside of Cris twisted up tight at the absolute trust shining in Jake’s eyes. The need for more, to climb higher, believing Cris could take him there. Three fingers took a little work and a lot of patience. He watched Jake’s face for any sign that it was too much, too painful, but Jake panted and gasped and pushed down. Urging him. Precome smeared Jake’s belly where his cock dragged on every thrust.

Cris’s own cock was painfully tight, desperate to relieve the pressure building deep inside.

“Oh fuck,” Jake said. “Oh shit.” He grabbed his dick and hadn’t pulled three strokes before he clamped down hard on Cris’s fingers and shot across his own belly and chest. A blob of white even landed on his chin. Cris stilled his hand while Jake came down from his high, thighs trembling with aftershocks over what looked like a doozy of an orgasm.

Cris gently removed his fingers and wiped them on his thigh, uncertain if he could still—

“Fuck me.” Jake held his legs back, keeping position, sleepy-eyed but determined. “You can.”

Cris didn’t need a second invitation. He gloved up and pushed inside in one smooth stroke that made Jake moan. So good, so loose and ready for him, and it took maybe a dozen hard thrusts for Cris to fall over the edge in a blast of pleasure that lit him up from his toes to his scalp.

He had enough sense to pull out and put Jake’s legs down before collapsing on top of the smaller man. Jake draped loose arms around his waist and tucked his head beneath Cris’s chin. Warm breath tickled Cris’s sweaty chest, cooling the skin. Some guys didn’t like to cuddle after sex, but Cris did; especially if he felt an actual connection to his partner. And boy howdy, he felt something with Jake. And judging by the way Jake had burrowed in close, he felt something, too.

“You can stay,” Cris whispered, the room too quiet for full volume.


Cris reluctantly left Jake’s embrace. In the bathroom, Cris wiped off, then brought a warm washcloth and clean towel into the bedroom. Jake was still boneless, so he let Cris clean off his chest, then roll him over and gently do the same for his ass. Cris kissed each butt cheek. Then Jake’s mouth, where he lingered for a long time.

Eventually, they ended up under the covers with the light out.

Jake curled up against him, head resting on Cris’s shoulder, one arm slung across Cris’s chest. All kinds of compliments rattled around in Cris’s head, but the easy silence didn’t require them. The sex had been mind-blowing for them both. That much was obvious.

Maybe he could talk Jake into another date over breakfast. He dozed on that happy thought….
….only to wake with morning sunshine streaming in through open curtains. The other side of the bed was empty and cold.

Jake was gone.

And an hour later, Cris realized, so was his wallet.


(c) A.M. Arthur 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017

What's Up With My Samhain Books?

By now, the majority of folks have heard the news that Samhain Publishing has closed its doors (for real this time). Ebooks are down from all major retailers, and their site is no longer functioning. Paperback versions are still for sale wherever they have remaining inventory, because the vendors own those books, and those listings will disappear once the books are sold out. Rights reversion letters are supposed to start going out to authors any minute so we can do with our books as we please.

I had eight books with Samhain, spread over two interconnected series (Cost of Repairs and Perspectives).

The good news: I'm going to republish my three Perspectives titles (The Truth As He Knows It, The World As He Sees It, and The Heart As He Hears It) on Amazon with their original cover art as soon as I get the rights back. Like, same day if possible. I'm also going to experiment by having them in Kindle Unlimited for a three-month trial. Hopefully this happens in early march, because these books are entwined with my March 17 release, Here For Us, which will also be in KU.

The less great news: the Cost of Repairs series won't be available again for a brief period of time. Why, you ask? Good question.

First, I want to re-edit them. Mostly a spit-shine, but my writing has improved over the years, so I want to go back through them. Address some errors that have popped up over time, and maybe even add some content. Second, I want to re-cover them. I'm already in contact with my original cover designer with Samhain, and the entire series is going to get an updated look. This means re-releasing them later in the year, probably beginning in the summer. I'm still fluid on that.

On a personal note, I'm sad to see Samhain shut its doors. For many, many years, it was my go-to retailer for quality m/m romances. Some of my favorite authors were published there. Hell, the very first m/m romance I ever read was published by Samhain. The day I received an acceptance email from my editor for Cost of Repairs, I about peed myself with joy. I was sad when that editor left after one book, but my second editor, Christa Soule, was a gift. She made the rest of those books shine, and I miss working with her.

So that's what's what with me right now. 

I wish all of my fellow Samhain authors, editors, artists, and other employees the very best as we all pursue new endeavors.

Monday, February 13, 2017

As I Am: Release Day Thoughts on Leaving Wilmington for a While

AS I AM, the third All Saints book, releases today, and it's a bittersweet release day. This book was a happy accident and certainly not one I ever expected to write when I first contracted the series. This series was, like all of my other books with Carina Press, set in my fictional Wilmington, DE, and had interconnected characters and locations. So I knew we'd be seeing familiar faces. I just never expected one particular face.

A few years ago, when I was writing GETTING IT RIGHT (Restoration #1), I wanted to show the main character James as more than just the party guy he'd been portrayed as in the Belonging series. He's also a devoted psychiatrist who is damned good at his job. So in walked a broken teenager named Will Madden. Will was a mess, but James did everything in his power to help Will, and to some extent, he succeeded. And later on, months after the book released, a reader asked about Will. No, I hadn't planned on revisiting him again, but thanks for asking.

And then another reader asked. And another. As I began drafting COME WHAT WAY, the first All Saints, I realized that I wanted to know what had happened to Will, too. The passage of fictional time between his first appearance in GIR and his second appearance is CWM meant Will was now legally an adult. So I brought him into CWM in a small, side role that stole readers' attention right away--even readers who didn't remember/know him from GIR. He popped up again in the second All Saints, SAY IT RIGHT, and it was during that book that I knew I could finally tell Will's story. I could give him the happy ending he so deserved.

In AS I AM, three years have passed since he first began working with Dr. Taggert and trying to put his life together. He's still a mess, but he's trying to get better, to make his life into something worthwhile. Finding a worthy hero for him wasn't easy, but Taz is exactly that: worthy and perfect for Will. Taz is reclusive, bordering on agoraphobic, overweight, scarred, and is positive no one will ever want him. Will is skittish, short, too skinny, and is all mixed up about sex and attraction. Together?

Well, I'll let you readers decide how perfect they are for each other. I'm biased.

I've had a lot of fun building this interconnected world through Belonging, Restoration and All Saints. I'm stepping away from Wilmington for a little while to play in some other sandboxes, but I'll be back. There are characters with stories yet to tell, and I'll always have room for ficlets that revisit your (and my) favorite couples.

Will Madden is healing.

Thanks to therapy and a growing support system, he’s taking baby steps into a promising future. One of those steps leads him to an online chatroom, where he quickly bonds with fellow PTSD sufferer Taz Zachary.

Despite their virtual connection, Taz is initially freaked out at the idea of meeting Will face-to-face. A sexual relationship may be the last thing on his mind, but his craving for human interaction—and more of the way Will makes him laugh—gives him the courage he needs to take the next step.

In person, the chemistry between them is undeniable. But Will is hurt when Taz doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get him into bed. Still, acceptance, love, and happiness all seem within reach for the first time in forever--until demons from the past threaten the future they both finally believe they deserve.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hot Licks: Some Thoughts on Release Day

My very first m/m/m romance, HOT LICKS, is out today, and I'm both nervous and excited about it. A little less than two years ago, I was contacted by an editor at St. Martin's to write a series for their new-ish digital imprint Swerve. We brainstormed ideas, and we settled on a series about up-and-coming rock stars. I'd never written rock stars before, but hey, what's life without a challenge? We even came up with titles for all three books ahead of time.

BODY ROCKS was always about Dominic and Trey. I told their story exactly as I'd planned in the proposal: two guys from rival bands begin a secret romance. Book two, STEADY STROKE, was always going to be about Lincoln dealing with the fallout of the end of book one. But in the proposal, his hero was vastly different (an adrenaline junkie, I believe). And HOT LICKS, as per the proposal, was going to be about Tyson and a guy named Jordan (who eventually became Emmett in Steady Stroke).

The story for STEADY STROKE changed about halfway through drafting BODY ROCKS. It made more sense for the character of Jordan/Emmett to end up with Lincoln. The conflict was so much bigger once Emmett's secret came out, and while I was writing STEADY STROKE, I knew that the proposal for HOT LICKS was going out the window. Tyson had disappeared and wasn't speaking, and meanwhile, a side character named Van Holt was stealing the show in every scene he invaded. I needed to tell Van's story, but I wasn't entirely sure how.

Enter some stuff going on in my personal life. I few years ago, I accepted the fact that I was asexual, possibly demisexual, and I'd only recently begun being open about that fact on social media. It's a sexuality that is constantly misunderstood or ignored entirely, and there aren't very many ace characters in romance. Particularly in m/m romance. I'd read a handful, but I didn't see me in any of those characters. And you know what they say: write the book you want to read.

I don't remember exactly how the pieces came together in my mind. I remembered the scene where Benji flirting with Van at Off Beat in book two, while Benji and Joshua were on a break from each other. I thought about Benji's open relationship with Joshua, and I started wondering why they had that arrangement. And then Van jumped in with his two-cents and the story flowed came together from there. When I emailed my editor to tell her about the change in book three, she was thrilled, so I forged ahead.

There is more of me and my personal journey in Benji Moore than in any character I've ever written. I was in a relationship with an allosexual man--my first sexual relationship--when I finally embraced being in the asexual spectrum. A lot of my own worries and fears went into Benji: Is there something wrong with me? Will I ever be enough for him? Is it better to let him go so he can find someone who can be what he needs?

Is Benji representative of every ace person out there? Absolutely not. We exist on a spectrum, and I'm not going into detail here. That's what Google is for. But if Benji's story rings true for even one fellow ace, then I've done my job. And if this book helps allo readers understand what asexual is a little bit better, then I've done my job.

Oh yeah, and hopefully I've told a fun, engaging, sexy menage romance tale, but that's for you guys to decide.

Cheers and happy reading!


Benji Moore is living his dream traveling as the lead singer of his band. His life would be perfect if he could get his boyfriend, Josh, to commit to an exclusive relationship.

Even though Josh loves Benji, he has good reasons not to trust in long-term relationships. So Josh decides to take some time to himself and sublets a room at a friend’s beach house. But when he walks into the nearby Off Beat bar, he finds a bartender who may be a good distraction from his relationship problems.

Van Holt doesn’t do anything deeper than sweaty one-night stands. But when Josh sets his sights on him, Van is surprised by their connection. Except Van also doesn’t do complicated, and the situation between Josh and Benji defines complicated. But the more time Van spends with them, the more he’s realizing how hard it would be to let Josh and Benji go.

Can the three of them find a way together, or will they all end up going solo?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

As I Am: First Three Chapters

With less than four weeks until release day, here's a Teaser Tuesday treat! The first three chapters of AS I AM (All Saints #3). This is the third book in a series, but can absolutely be read as a standalone book.

Dr. James Taggert double-checked the wall clock time against his wristwatch, a little surprised that Will was late for his appointment. He was never late. He often showed up ten minutes early for their twice-monthly sessions and then had to sit in the waiting room with Gina. Today he was three minutes past due.

His desk phone buzzed. “Your three o’clock is here,” Gina’s voice piped over the speaker.

He hit the talk button. “Thanks, Gina. Send him in.”

Will knocked gently, as was his custom. But as he strode into the office, everything else about him was markedly different. His normally shaggy brown hair had been combed and slicked back a bit, showing off more of his face. Instead of his customary loose pants and baggy sweatshirt—even in the summer, he wore that sweatshirt—he had on clean jeans that fit and a blue button-down shirt.

Dr. Taggert had probably done a poor job of hiding his surprise, because Will froze halfway to the armchair he favored for their sessions. He glanced at the clock. “Crap, I’m late.”

“It’s okay,” Dr. Taggert said. “You’re dressed differently than usual.”

“I had to. I had a job interview before this.”

“You did?” He was impressed that Will was finally being proactive about his future. “Do you want to tell me about that?”

Will shrugged as he sat, shoulders back, less guarded than even their last few sessions. He’d changed so much in a year and a half and was nothing like the terrified, mistreated boy Dr. Taggert had first met in the emergency room. Although lately a kind of anger had clung to him, indistinct, but lurking beneath the surface. “I mean, it wasn’t for like a big job or anything,” Will replied. “Kate helped. She probably feels sorry for me because I’m such a nutcase I can’t get my own interviews.”

Kate Alden was Will’s social worker. She had referred Will’s foster mother, Jennifer, to Dr. Taggert for treatment, and Will had been one of the biggest challenges of his career. He’d survived a childhood full of neglect, including two years of horrific abuse by his drug-addicted mother, been placed in emergency foster care at age sixteen, and for the last year and a half Dr. Taggert had worked with Will over simple tasks like eating three times a day. Taking care of himself. Believing in his own right to be happy.

Kate took a genuine interest in the kids she helped, too, and they were both concerned about Will with his eighteenth birthday looming in two months. He’d no longer be a ward of the state; he also had nowhere to go except a halfway house, and Dr. Taggert worried for his safety. Will was still emotionally fragile, and his recent foul moods troubled him.

“What kind of job is it?” Dr. Taggert asked.

“Part-time Food Lion stock boy.”

“Any particular department?”

“Um, produce, I think. They made me pick up a few cases of things to make sure I was strong enough.”

“I’m assuming you are?”

He shrugged. “I guess. I had a little trouble with a box of apples, but it was slippery. No handles to grab.”

“Do you think you got the job?”


Dr. Taggert’s heart dropped. “Why not?”

Will grunted. “Because as I was leaving, I heard one of the guys who interviewed me say, ‘He’s too fucking little.’”

Hell. A stock boy job would have been perfect for Will, because it required little contact with the public. And the last thing he needed was more people giving him crap about his size. Five feet tall and ninety pounds soaking wet, Will had grown up with very poor nutrition, and two years of hell had left him with a serious aversion to food. Dr. Taggert could help him with certain things, but nothing could be done about his height. Muscle tone, maybe, but Will was terrified of gyms because they were full of strange, half-naked men.

“They haven’t officially said no,” Dr. Taggert said. “When did they tell you they’d let you know?”

“Tomorrow, but there was this big kid waiting to go in after me. I won’t get it.” Will leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, frowning. “I know you and Kate and Jennifer all worry about what will happen when I turn eighteen. Believe me, so do I. A halfway house terrifies me, but I can’t stay with Jennifer. She needs the room to save her next foster kid. But how do I pay for food and rent without a real job? And what about therapy?”

“Do you wish to keep coming to therapy?”

“Yes. I know I’m way better than I was, but once I’m out of the system…I can’t pay you with money I don’t have.”

“Don’t worry about the money. I’ve done pro bono work before, and I’ve worked with other clients on a sliding scale based on their income. I’m not going to abandon you, Will, I promise.”

Will seemed to relax a fraction. “Thank you. But I still need money. I mean, I liked the idea of piling apples and filling in bagged lettuce. It’s kind of solitary, you know? Plus I didn’t graduate high school, so the list of places that will hire me with zero work experience is, like, as long as my finger.”

He made a mental note to do some digging into work opportunities based on Will’s history. As much as he hated the idea of suggesting he apply for disability, Will’s PTSD was both well documented and extremely crippling.

“Have you talked to Jennifer about any possibilities?” Dr. Taggert asked.

“Not really. She’s got Darren to worry about right now.”

Will had mentioned Jennifer’s newest foster child during their last session. He was on the autism spectrum and required a lot of her attention. Darren also had frequent outbursts that frightened Will, especially if it woke him out of a sound sleep.

“And she’s already done so much for me,” Will added. “Especially those first eight months or so I was with her. I hated making her upset when I didn’t eat.”

“She understands why that was going on, and she isn’t keeping a scorecard. None of us are. We want to help you, and that’s why we do. We care about what happens to you.”

Will held his gaze for several long seconds before blinking. “You do, don’t you? I guess I’m still not used to that. Adults giving a shit.”

“You had a lot of adults in your life who failed you. Who hurt you instead of protecting you. And I can’t promise you that no one will ever hurt you in the future, but you’ve already survived the worst kind of hell, and you’re still in one piece.”

“They can’t hurt me if I don’t let them.”

Dr. Taggert tilted his head. “Do you mean by protecting yourself physically?” He’d suggested Will take self-defense classes in the past, to help him feel less anxious in public spaces, but Will hated the idea of having to touch the instructor—and the instructor touching him in return.

“Kind of. More like up here.” He tapped the side of his head.

“Shutting out the possibility of relationships seems good in the short term, but what about a few years down the road?”

“Can’t think about a few years. I can barely think about a few months from now.”

He understood Will trying to protect himself, but closing off from other people was rarely the best way to go about it. “Will, no one can truly take power from you unless you give it to them.”

Will’s expression hardened. “Those men took power from me.”

“No, those men took from you physically and emotionally, and you are healing from that one day at a time. But the only way they can take power from you now? Is by letting what they did continue to control your actions.”

“So I’m supposed to grow up and magically forget that I was fucked six ways to Sunday for two years?”

Dr. Taggert took a breath, choosing his words more carefully. “I am absolutely not asking you to forget that. It’s impossible to forget that kind of pain. But allowing your pain to dictate your actions gives those men power all over again. I’m not telling you to jump on social media and start chatting with every person you stumble across. But please don’t cut yourself off from forming actual, real-life friendships. Especially with people your own age.”

Will shrugged. “No one wants to be friends with a wreck like me.”

“You aren’t a wreck. And I think if you gave it a chance, you might surprise yourself.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I’ll prove myself right.”

They still had some work to do on Will’s self-esteem. “Why do you think no one wants to be your friend?”

“I’m a mess, Dr. Taggert. I have panic attacks, I don’t like to be touched, I hate being near older men I don’t know, my mother is in prison, I never met my father, I didn’t finish school, I don’t even have a GED yet, and oh yeah, I’ve had more dicks up my ass than Johnny Rapid.”

Will’s volume had risen with each item rattled off his list of supposed flaws, and he’d ended with a sharp snap. Will often got upset and frustrated during their sessions, but this cold anger was new and startling.

Also kind of startling was the fact that Will knew the name of a gay porn star.

“None of those things makes you unlovable,” Dr. Taggert said. “Especially not your abuse, and anyone who treats you poorly because of it isn’t worth your time or energy. Not everyone could have survived the hell you went through, but you did. You are alive and you are making great progress. You have people in your life who care about you, including me. Give yourself a chance to live, Will.”

Instead of soothing his anger, Will only looked more obstinate.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about,” Dr. Taggert said.

“Punching you in the face.”

He tensed, more concerned for Will than his own safety. In all of their sessions, Will had never once become physically violent with him or needed to be restrained against hurting himself. “Why do you want to punch me?”

“So you stop being so nice. So you see me how I see me.”

“How do you see yourself?”

Will cast around the room before his attention settled on the glass coffee table. Dr. Taggert had left a notepad and pen out. Will ripped a sheet of paper off the notepad and crumpled it in his hands. Then he tried to smooth it out flat. “Like that. Doesn’t matter what you do to it, but the wrinkles and dents are never gonna go away. It’ll always be ruined.”

“It’s hardly ruined.” Dr. Taggert leaned forward and snatched the pen. He flattened the paper a little bit more. “You’re right, the wrinkles will always be there, but it can still do its job.”

He wrote something down, then pushed the paper toward Will.

You have value, Will. Never doubt that.

Will picked up the paper. He stared at the words, his expression blank.

Dr. Taggert held his breath, hoping like hell he’d gotten through.

He held out a hand, and Dr. Taggert gave him the pen. Will scribbled something on the paper, crumpled it up, then tossed the wad across the room. He stood without a word.


“I’m done,” Will snapped, then left the office.

Concerned by the abrupt departure, he briefly considered following Will to clarify what exactly he was done with. Instead, he crossed to where the paper had landed near his desk and opened the wad far enough to read what Will had written under his own handwriting.

Believe me, I learned my value in that bedroom.

The awful words disappeared in his closed fist. He ached for Will, and for all of the progress he thought they’d made. He debated calling Jennifer, giving her a heads-up. He couldn’t tell her about the note or anything they’d discussed, but he could warn her to watch Will’s mood tonight, especially if she was likely to be focused on Darren.

Will’s final spoken words concerned him more than the words on the paper. He hadn’t specified what he was done with, exactly—their session today, any future therapy, or life in general? Even though Will had never shared suicidal thoughts with him, it was the kind of thing that set off alarms.

He picked up the phone and called Jennifer.

Chapter 1

Sixteen months later

Will Madden tore through the front door of Carter House, gave a cursory glance at the two shapes in the living room—Natasha and Cherie were watching something on the ancient television—and made a mad dash for the stairs. His chest hurt, his lungs weren’t working right, and he was teetering on the edge of a full-on panic attack. He needed to get to his room at the halfway house before he fell into it completely.

He hated having attacks in public. Or even in the living room where the other residents could see it. Mostly they didn’t care. Natasha had anxiety issues too. But Will cared. The attacks made him look weak, vulnerable.

Three rooms upstairs, plus the shared bathroom. His was at the end of the hall, tiny, barely more than a glorified closet, but it was his own room. It didn’t have a lock. None of the doors did (house rules), but no resident was allowed to enter another resident’s room without permission (another house rule). Only the two social workers who ran the place were allowed in the rooms, but only if they suspected trouble. Like drugs or alcohol. Those got you tossed out, period.

Will had never tasted alcohol, and his one experience with drugs had been neither fun nor exactly his choice, so no thanks. He had enough trouble remembering to take his prescription meds.

He pushed his bedroom door open and then shoved it closed when he was on the other side. He soaked in the familiar smell of his spray deodorant. Bright afternoon light reflected off white walls made the shoe box feel bigger. A bed and dresser were the only furniture.

The size was worth it for the privacy.

Will sat on his narrow bed directly under the curtainless window and dropped his head between his knees. Pulled a deep breath in through his nose. Pushed it out through his mouth.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. The moon sees the somebody I’d like to see.

Some of the pressure in his chest eased as he pulled on the familiar nursery rhyme.

God bless the moon and God bless me. God bless the somebody I’d like to see.

More pressure went away. The cold panic that had settled in his gut earlier in the day began to thaw.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. I see the moon and the moon sees me.

Deeper breaths eased into regular ones. He sat up, glad to have warded this one off before it consumed him. So stupid. Stupid-ass thing to get so worried about, anyway.

He heard his shrink’s voice in the back of his head, asking the familiar chestnut “Why do you feel stupid?”

“Normal people don’t panic at being assigned to a fund-raiser’s setup team,” he told the wall, since his shrink wasn’t in the room. His appointment was tomorrow, so yeah, he’d have to bring this up. Dr. Taggert didn’t like it when Will kept his attacks to himself.

And it wasn’t so much the fund-raiser itself. He’d helped on a bunch in the almost year he’d volunteered for Sam Hartley at the Stanley Center. It got him out into the world a few days a week and made him confront his PTSD-related anxiety head-on.

He curled up beneath the window and tried to figure out what about this fund-raiser had sent him into a blind panic the moment he left the office. It was for an LGBT teen homeless shelter they’d worked with last fall. All Saints House. The Stanley Center wasn’t involved directly, but Sam wanted Will to be available to Jonas Ashcroft on setup day, since this was Jonas’s first time coordinating a benefit by himself. Jonas had filled in as a temporary full-time assistant this past winter, so Sam had a soft spot for him. Will had been sad to see Jonas leave.


That’s why the panic. Jonas didn’t frighten him. Total opposite. Jonas was model gorgeous with dark hair and piercing eyes, and he smelled fantastic. Will’s stomach wobbled as that panic tried to come back. Working around Jonas again, even for only eight hours total, terrified him, because he’d been attracted to Jonas from the instant he’d walked into Sam’s office asking to volunteer last fall. He’d silently yearned for someone like Jonas to say his name the same loving way Jonas said Tate’s.

Not that he ever had or ever would say anything about his stupid crush. Jonas had Tate, and even if he didn’t, no one wanted a hot mess like Will. No one ever would. He’d resigned himself to that after Guy. Fast, sweaty fucks were all he got.

Except he wasn’t even supposed to have that anymore. Not for a while, thanks to his shrink.

I wonder if Taz is online.

The therapy-induced restriction on anonymous hookups had been the catalyst for Will’s newfound obsession with online chat rooms. A few weeks ago he’d signed up for several, unsure what he was looking for. Some of the rooms were for guys looking to hook up. Some were strictly chat only, and Will had gravitated toward those to avoid temptation. About two weeks ago he’d struck up a conversation with a guy whose handle was TazManicDevil, which he thought was hilarious. Last week he’d admitted his nickname was Taz and that Will could call him that.

Will’s handle was WillHeWontHe, so he’d told Taz to call him Will. They’d bonded over having PTSD—although neither had confided why—and how it restricted their abilities to move around in the world. Taz made him laugh when few other things did. He was only pixels on a screen, but in some ways, he was the only real friend Will had. And he also lived in Wilmington, which made Taz seem even more real to him.

He dug his refurbished laptop out from under the mattress and plugged it in. The stupid thing would run for maybe ten whole minutes without being connected to the wall outlet, but it did its job of getting him online and providing him some ability to interact with the world. Plus he’d saved up and bought it himself. He was proud of it, from its bad battery life to the crack on the top cover.

Taz had admitted to working from home—lucky him—which meant he was online a lot. Almost every time Will logged in, he saw Taz’s handle, even if he was idling and not currently active. Will waited for his laptop to connect to the house’s Wi-Fi, then opened his browser. Last week he’d set his homepage to this chat room.

TazManicDevil. Idle mode.

Will poked him. Dude.

He waited, declining two requests to private message with other people.

Taz went active. Hey. You work today?

Will’s heart did a funny flip. Yeah. Just got home. You?

Finished about an hour ago. Was watching TV.
Anything good?
Nah. Mostly waiting for you to get online.

He grinned at the screen, strangely happy over the idea that Taz had been waiting for him to chat. Here now.

Yup. How was work?
Usual, aside from working through a panic attack.
??!! What happened?!!?

The instant concern knocked away the tiny fear that confiding in Taz was the wrong thing. His own obnoxious habit of second-guessing every decision in his personal life.

Assigned to a new fund-raiser for this weekend. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but people, you know? One on one is okay, but groups freak me out.
I get it, trust me.
I know you do. And I know the guys I’ll be working w/ but still. It’s scary.
Can’t keep an eye on or control a crowd.

Christ, but Will loved having someone in his life who got it. Who didn’t question him or second-guess him or tell him to just get over it and try to be normal. But was Taz really in his life? Right now he was only a name on a computer screen. His shrink kept hammering at him to establish relationships with people his own age, to make friends he could spend time with, and he wanted to do that. It was just so damn hard to trust anyone.

He really, really wanted to be able to trust Taz. To know Taz was real, really understood PTSD, and wasn’t catfishing him for kicks. He needed to know now before he got too invested.

Will held his breath as he typed: Can we talk in person?

Taz was silent for so long that Will’s stomach soured, positive he’d just ended this semifriendship over his stupid need hear a compassionate human voice.

Never mind, it’s okay, he typed. Send.

Sorry, you surprised me. Chat only and all.
I know. Sorry.
I do want to meet you in person, Will.

Will smashed down a bloom of hope before it got too big. But?

An invitation to use the voice chat feature popped up on screen. They’d never done that before. Will clicked on it before Taz changed his mind, eager to know what his friend sounded like.

“You there?” Taz asked.

Will closed his eyes and let the warm, deep voice slide over him like hot fudge on a sundae. Smooth and wonderful and stupidly comforting, considering it was coming over his computer’s crappy speakers. “Hi.” He’d kind of squeaked that, so he cleared his throat and tried again. “Hello. Taz?”

“It’s me. Hi there.”

“Hi back.” Will dragged a trembling hand through his shaggy hair, glad they weren’t doing a video chat or anything. He didn’t want Taz to see how stupidly nervous he was.

“This felt easier than typing out a bunch of personal shit,” Taz said. “This okay? Us talking?”

“Of course.” He’d just asked to meet Taz in person; this was a good compromise. “You sound kind of how I imagined you would.” They hadn’t exchanged good photos—the profile pics on the chat site were obscured for both of them—but the stats made Will want to get under him fast. Six feet, 180, green eyes, ginger. Former college wrestler.

Yes, please.

“I do?” Taz asked. “How do I sound?”

“Strong. Friendly. Do you sing?”

He chuckled, and that sound skittered down Will’s spine in a nice way. “Not really. My gramma took me to church regularly when I was a kid, so I sang hymns, but it’s not the same.”

“Oh. You sound like a singer.” Stupid small talk sounded stupid. “So we both want to meet in person, but…?”

“It’s why I’ve got the PTSD shit to deal with.”

“You don’t have to tell me.” Didn’t sharing personal shit require tit for tat? Will didn’t want to dig into his own issues, especially not over a voice chat.

“Except I kind of do, if we’re going to meet. It’s not something I can hide on the outside, and I should warn you anyway so you don’t freak out.”

Will snorted. “I just freaked out over doing a fund-raiser with people I know. Hit me.”

“I’ve got scars. Bad ones.”


Taz paused. “They’re on my neck and the left side of my face. Acid burns.”

Surprise jolted through him. “Acid? Shit, are they healed?”

“Yeah. It was two years ago. The doctors, they did some skin grafts, but you can still see how it doesn’t look right. It’s all waxy and discolored.”

“That’s…” He had no words for the shock and anger rolling around inside him. Shock because acid burns. Anger because even though he didn’t know Taz well, he hated the idea of someone hurting him like that. “How’d you get burned with acid?”

“It was back at college. Jealous, bigoted fucktard who didn’t like that I was bi and openly dating a dude.”

“Christ, Taz. Was the fucktard arrested?”

“Yeah. Plea deal. Got twelve months and a day. Two years’ probation.”

“That’s not fair!” Will grabbed hold of his temper before he shouted again. Last thing he needed was someone coming to see if he was okay. “That’s not enough.” Not for scarring Taz. Not for all the shit that came with PTSD and having to warn a guy before they met in person the first time.

No amount of prison time was ever enough for ruining someone’s sense of safety and ability to freely move around in the world.

“It is what it is,” Taz said. “One of the things that helps when I get really down is remembering he’s stuck in Minnesota for another year and a half. The boogeyman can’t get me here.”

Meanwhile a few of Will’s boogeymen still wandered the streets because they’d never been identified. He’d blocked out a lot of those two years, especially the faces. He didn’t want to see the faces in his nightmares anymore. But the voices.

He hadn’t forgotten their voices.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. I see the moon and the moon sees me.


He startled at the worried voice from his laptop. “I’m here.”

“You doing okay with this? Hearing this?”

“I’m sorry you were hurt.” He chewed at his thumbnail, grateful for the sharp spike of pain he got when he bit at sore flesh too close to the nail. “That’s why you have PTSD?”

“Yeah. Scared me really bad. It was someone I knew, you know? Plus all the pain afterward. It all jumbled into this big mess in my head.”

“It was someone I knew, you know?”

Oh yeah. He knew.

“A big, jumbled mess that’s so overwhelming it’s easier to ignore it than try to untangle it,” Will said.

“Exactly. Fuck, dude, are you a shrink in your spare time?”

Will laughed. “No, but I’ve been in therapy since I was sixteen. Some shit stuck.”

“And you’re nineteen?”

“Yeah. Twenty in November.” He could finally leave his shitty teens behind.

“That’s a lot of therapy.”

“I have a lot of shit jumbled together.”

“Does it help?”

“Therapy?” Will’s mind tried to turn back to that black moment he’d had a year and a half ago. “It’s had some really awful times, but yeah. Therapy saved my life. My doctor’s really good, too. He isn’t just head-shrinking you and plying you with pills; he really gives a damn.”

“Wish I could afford a therapist like that.”

Taz sounded so sad that Will wanted to reach through the computer and hug him, and hugging strangers wasn’t usually an impulse he felt. “When I was in foster care, the state paid, but now that I’m over eighteen, he does our sessions super cheap. It was free until I got my income figured out, and then I wanted to pay.”

He’d needed to pay. To use the money he was getting for something useful besides rent and food.
“When you say income figured out,” Taz said, “you mean your job? The fund-raiser thing?”

Shit, he’d said too much. He also didn’t want to lie. Even though he’d graduated from a name on a screen to a name with a voice, Taz was still mostly an unknown. So why the hard-on for honesty?

He’s the first real friend I’ve had since I was thirteen.

“No, I volunteer at the Stanley Center,” Will replied, voice a little shaky. He hated telling people about the source of his greatest humiliation. “I get disability.”

“Oh. Okay.”

That was it?

He couldn’t see Taz’s face, but he got the impression his expression was as mild as his response. Usually people looked at him like he was some sort of nut job or a liar, because what seemingly healthy nineteen-year-old got disability checks?

Mental cases who couldn’t hold a dishwashing job for longer than two weeks, that’s who. Dropouts with no diploma, no GED, and no actual work experience. And no fucking way could he put “excels at being fucked up the ass” on a résumé. He’d either get laughed out of the office or bent over the desk.

No, thank you.

He wanted to work. He wanted to get a regular job and pay taxes and be a normal human being, like the other people he knew. Sam and Kerry and Jonas and Dr. Taggert and all of their friends and loved ones. Volunteering at the Stanley Center was helping by degrees, but he still had a hard time with any task outside the actual office. He’d never attended any of the fund-raisers or community functions he’d helped coordinate or set up. Never seen the results of his own hard work in motion.


“Yeah?” Had Taz been talking?

“You went away again.”

“Sorry. I do that sometimes. Get caught up in my own head. Used to scare the hell out of my foster mom.”

“You like your foster mom?”

Will grinned at his laptop screen. “I do. Did. I was a pretty tough case, and I know I scared her a couple of times with my shit, but she stuck it out. We still keep in touch.”

“You haven’t talked about what your shit is yet.” The comment was tentative, uncertain, but it hit Will like a brick.

His entire body went cold. “I, uh…”

“You don’t need to give me details or anything, I’m sorry. I just… Ballpark? Please?”

Taz had taken a huge risk in telling him about the acid attack and his scars. Will didn’t want to open a vein over the years he’d lived in complete and utter hell, but he could give Taz something. Something to explain his issues and his inability to work. “When I was younger, I, uh…” He swallowed hard against rising acid. “I was molested for two years.”

Those six words barely scratched the surface of everything he’d endured, but Taz didn’t need to know. The only person who ever got those words were Dr. Taggert, and half the time it was through written notes, instead of actually speaking them. Things that, even years later, could turn him into a shivering, sobbing, terrified mess in the blink of an eye.

I see the moon and the moon sees me.

He clung to Jennifer’s nursery rhyme like a talisman to ward off the demons of his past.
And Taz hadn’t spoken. Hadn’t even acknowledged he’d heard the confession. Will checked his laptop, but the voice chat was still open. “Taz?”

“Sorry, just…” He sounded weird. Sharp, gruff. Mad.

Great, he’d just fucked up his first real friendship in years. Who’d want to keep being friends with a basket case who couldn’t work, and who was as used up and tossed away as Will felt most days? Just like that wrinkled ball of paper.

“They arrest who did it?” Taz asked.

Will blinked at the screen, uncertain how to answer that. “Some of them.” Three men, plus his mother. But the case was still, technically, open, even three years later.

“Some of them?” His voice went darker, deeper, and Will was glad they weren’t in the same room, because the force of Taz’s anger, even through the crappy speaker, was making his insides shake.

“I can’t talk about this anymore.” He hated how his voice was shaking, but he couldn’t stop it. He drew his knees to his chest and started rocking.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Soothing now. So much better than mad. “I’ve never wanted to hurt other people so badly before. Jesus Christ.”

Will blinked hard. No one had ever wanted to do violence to others on his behalf. Not ever. Didn’t stop the shaking, though. Or the driving need to change the subject. “Why do you like being called Taz?”

He made a funny sound, like he was trying to laugh but it got caught on his temper and strangled. “My real name is Thomas Zachary, so the initials were kind of there from the start. But in elementary school I started acting out a lot. Got the nickname Tasmanian Devil, and the name kind of came out of that.”

“Oh. I like it. Will’s boring.”

“I think Will’s a nice name.”

The compliment eased some of his nerves. “Thanks. I mean, I guess I could have been stuck with something really weird, like Ernest or Voldemort.”

Taz laughed. “I hear you. When I was in foster care, I was in a house with two brothers named Romeo and Tybalt. For real.”

Will had never read the play, so he tried to remember the weird modern movie version he’d seen on TV a long time ago. But it was so hazy, his early life. When things were sucky but hadn’t descended into hell yet. No luck remembering who Tybalt was, but he played along so he didn’t sound stupid. “Guess their parents were Shakespeare fans,” Will said.

“Guess so. Anyway…you still keen to meet?”

“Of course.”

He could hear Dr. Taggert’s voice in the back of his mind, warning him about meeting up with near strangers he’d met in an online chat room.

It wasn’t in a hookup room. Chat only.

Predators know how to put you at ease, he’d reply.

We’ll meet in public.

The voice stayed quiet. Good. Besides, he was making friends.

He hoped. He really needed Taz to be who he said he was.

“Do you know Benton Park?” Will asked.

“Yeah, it’s not too far from where I live.”

It was three blocks’ walking distance from Will, which meant they at least lived on the same side of the city, possibly even the same neighborhood. “There’s some trees and benches on one side, opposite the bus stop. Want to meet there?”

“Right now?” Taz didn’t sound keen on the idea.

Will wanted to meet him now more than anything else in the world. He needed that stable connection he’d thought he’d found in Guy. “Sure. I can bring food. It’s getting close to dinnertime. We can picnic or something.” Christ, could he sound any cheesier?


Oh shit, I fucked up again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think,” Will said. His hands were trembling again, damn it. “I know you don’t like going out because of your scars. Shit. It’s just, I don’t know you, so I can’t go to your place, because that’s a guaranteed freak-out, even though I don’t think you’ll hurt me, but…fuck.”

Taz laughed. “We’re a pair, aren’t we?”

“I guess. Maybe we should stick to talking this way.”

“No.” Resolve deepened his voice. “It’s evening. Trees cast shadows. I’ll wear a hat. I can do this. I need to do this. I haven’t walked farther than the corner bodega in over a year.”


“Yeah. I can walk to meet you.”

Hope tried to rise up again. “Are you really sure? What if you have an episode? I don’t want to be the reason—”

“You didn’t throw acid on me, Will. It wouldn’t be your fault.”

It would feel like his fault. “What do you like to eat? There’s a great sandwich shop near here. One of those quirky places that sells giant kosher dills right out of a barrel.”

“Um, they got roast beef?”

Will ran down his mental list of the different sandwiches on their board. “Yeah, pretty sure. Special fixings?” He yanked a notebook off the stack under his bed and scribbled Taz’s complex list of toppings on an empty page. “Okay, if they have all that, I’ll ask for it.”

“Thanks. And I can bring sodas. I have root beer, cola and diet cola in my fridge.”

“That’s a lot of soda for one person.”

“Don’t like water. I know it’s good for you, but…”

Will heard the shrug he couldn’t see. He laughed. He really liked how easily Taz made him laugh. Few people could, besides Sam and Jennifer. Sometimes Sydney, the only other male resident in the house, but that wasn’t usually on purpose. Sydney had issues with paranoia. “I like root beer.”


He glanced at the time. “So meet you there around six thirty?”


“If it helps, I’m nervous too.”

Taz let out an audible breath. “It does help. Thanks. So I’m looking for a guy with shaggy brown hair, little shorter than me, on a bench beneath the trees.”

Will groaned. “Um, I may have exaggerated one thing on my profile.”

“Cock size?”

That got another well-deserved laugh, because the chat-only profiles didn’t have a spot to list those inches. “No. Height. I said I was five-six, but I’m only five foot. I’m a midget.”

Taz chuckled; Will really loved that sound. “Don’t worry about it. But thanks for the heads-up. Otherwise I might have stepped on you without realizing.”

“Ha. Ha.” He owned his size. Shit diet from birth to adulthood, combined with unlucky genetics. His mother had been petite, too.

His gut rolled, and he shoved all thoughts of Marjorie away.

“So I’ll see you at six thirty?” Taz asked.

“Absolutely. See you then.”

Will snapped his laptop shut, then stowed it under his mattress. He ripped the sheet of notebook paper out and tucked it into his pocket, stupidly excited to try something as panic inducing as dinner in a public park. With a man he’d never met before. A man he wanted to get to know better instead of run away from.

A man whose laughter made him feel safe instead of cornered.

Dr. Taggert might have put a moratorium on Will’s obsession with anonymous sexual hookups for a while, but he couldn’t possibly have a reason to object to Will making a new friend.

And even if Dr. Taggert did object, Will was pretty sure he wouldn’t give a shit. Not this time.

Chapter 2

Taz stared at his computer long after he’d shut down his browser, equal parts thrilled and terrified and not sure which one was going to win this time.

He’d joined the chat room six months ago out of sheer loneliness, needing to establish some sort of connection with other human beings, without the awkwardness of face-to-face meet-cutes. No one wanted to look at him for long periods of time, not even his own dad.

Not that his dad, Peter Callahan, avoided looking at him, exactly, but Taz remembered what it was like before the acid. When he’d been a good-looking athlete with a ton of friends. Now he was a guy folks either stared at in fascinated horror or they avoided looking at altogether. Considering his dad had only ever known him with the acid scars, he did a better job meeting in the middle.

Peter visited several times a week, bringing him cold groceries and things he couldn’t get off Amazon. Treating him like a human being with thoughts and feelings, reminding Taz there was someone out there who cared about him.

Taz tried to stand, to go get the two sodas he’d promised to bring to this meeting with Will. Even thinking Will’s name made him smile. Taz had surprised himself by initiating the voice chat, and then immediately wondered why he’d waited so long. Will had an addictive voice. Soft without being weak. Strong, even when he sounded upset. And his laughter made Taz’s heart flutter.

Will was also the first person he’d told about the scars who hadn’t stopped messaging him right away. He still wanted to meet Taz in person, and that scared the holy hell out of him. As much as Taz craved communication and contact beyond his father, he didn’t want to get his heart broken again.

You’re just friends, moron. You’re having dinner like friends do. Don’t make it bigger. Give him a chance to run away before you hand your heart over like a desperate idiot.

He got his body to cooperate and stood from his desk chair. Stretched, since he’d been sitting for about two hours straight. His work-at-home job as a transcriptionist had been a godsend—one more thing to thank Peter for—and he loved his ergonomic chair, but all that sitting had given him a pooch he’d have tormented his own damned self over in college. Sometimes he really missed the energy of the gym. The teasing, the camaraderie, the push to do better. Hell, he even missed the smells of pit sweat and funky socks.

Once, a few months ago, he’d considered one of those gyms open twenty-four hours, hoping he could go in at some obscure hour when maybe no one would be there. The instant the girl at the desk saw him, her expression sent him fleeing. He never went back. When he told Peter about the total failure, Peter had encouraged him to order whatever he wanted in terms of home gym equipment.
Taz had yet to take him up on that offer. He’d cost Peter so much money already.

Now he kind of regretted that. His shirt was loose enough that maybe he’d only look stocky, instead of flabby. Not that he expected Will to cruise him at all; he’d already been warned about the scars.

He strode across the small living room to the attached kitchen. Rustled a plastic bag out from under the sink and put two cans of cold root beer in it. It was off-brand, but he thought it tasted the same as the popular stuff, and hopefully Will wouldn’t mind. He stopped in the bathroom to take a piss and comb his hair into neater waves. Making himself presentable without actually looking at his broken skin had become a kind of game since he’d moved into this apartment.

The row of prescription bottles on the counter mocked him with their sheer number. He wasn’t due anything for a few hours, but walking to the park was going to do a number on his anxiety. He tucked one of the bottles into his jeans pocket, in case.

Then he plunked a Blue Rocks cap on his head and stared at the front door of the apartment for a solid minute. Muscles frozen. Heart fluttering.

Cruel, hateful people were on the other side of that door.

So is Will. He’s funny and nice, and he’s waiting for you.

A roast beef sandwich was also waiting for him, fresh from a deli Will recommended, piled with all sorts of great things. Even if all he got out of this was a sandwich and a conversation, he could live with that. It was more than he’d had in a long fucking time.

Move your right foot forward. Good. Left foot next. Good. Keep going.

The mental exercise got his limbs to loosen, and he palmed his keys as he reached for the knob. Turned it. Pulled it open.

“Push through it, Zachary, you aren’t a quitter!” Words spat at him by his wrestling coach during a particularly brutal training run. He’d been recovering from a chest cold, which had diminished his lung capacity, and he’d fallen behind the other runners.

“I’m not a quitter,” he said to the empty hallway beyond his door. He stepped out, then locked his door behind him.

Sounds from other apartments drifted to him. Voices and noise that could be televisions or music. The hall smelled like old cigarettes and mildew. It was stifling. He wanted fresh air. Needed fresh air. So he started walking again.

His entire journey from the apartment to the sidewalk across from the park was an exercise in stop-and-start techniques. In visualizing himself moving so he could cross the street before the light changed. Keeping forward motion, attention straight ahead, ignoring every single person he passed.
No one ran screaming, so that was something.

He waited for the signal to change so he could cross the street to the park. He was on the bus stop side, so Will would be diagonal from him, the farthest point away. The earnest way Will had admitted to lying about his height came back to mind and made him smile. He really didn’t care much what Will looked like, as long as he stayed as kind and friendly as he’d been online, once he’d seen the monster he was eating with.

Other pedestrians began streaming down the crosswalk. Taz kick-started himself into going with the flow, just another person heading home after work or out to dinner with friends. A normal fucking person.

The small park took up a section of a block that had once all been housing, in a neighborhood effort to get more green areas into their city. The grass was a sickly green, but the trees were growing strong at the far end, and the playground equipment wasn’t rusty enough to be dangerous. Someone had even planted a few flower beds inside old tires here and there.

Instead of walking as the crow flies, he stuck to the perimeter, away from the scattering of kids and various others enjoying the hot July evening outdoors. Two metal benches faced each other beneath the shade of three closely planted trees, and a small, slim figure was pacing between them.
Taz checked the time on his phone—6:50. Shit.

Ice dropped hard in his belly, threatening to keep him rooted to the ground. He was late and if that was Will, he looked frantic.

I’ve already fucked this up. Fantastic.

And he couldn’t get his goddamn limbs to move. Adrenaline spiked, putting a bitter taste in his mouth. His heart raced. This whole thing had been a huge mistake.

Maybe-Will turned a neat pivot, his hands clutching a white paper bag, and he froze. Seemed to look right at him. His entire body seemed to wilt with…what? Dread? Relief? From the distance of about thirty feet, Taz wasn’t sure.

The boy strode toward him, his lean body perfectly advertised under a pair of well-fitted jeans and a green dress shirt that looked tailor-made for his coloring. Shaggy brown hair, as advertised. The closer he got, Taz saw more details. Wary brown eyes. Scuffed loafers on his feet. And fuck, he was small. Barely came up to Taz’s shoulder, and he wasn’t exactly a giant. He also brought with him the intoxicating scents of meat, pickles, and something soapy.

“Taz?” the boy asked.

That voice.

“Yeah.” Taz cleared his throat hard. “Yes. Hi. Will?”


He gaze lingered on Taz’s face, and for the briefest moment, Taz forgot there was anything ugly to see, because Will smiled at him. He didn’t flinch or grimace or look away fast. He held eye contact, no guard up, but his anxiety was clear in the way his fingers trembled against the paper bag.

“I’m late,” Taz said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be.”

Will nodded. “Was it hard walking here?”

“Yeah. My episodes are more like freezing up. I can’t make anything move, not even to protect myself. I have to work to get going again.”

“I’m kind of the opposite. I go into full-on shaking, shivering, caught in dark moments mode. I fucking hate it.”

“Me too.”

“And how sick are you of people who don’t understand saying, ‘But at least you’re alive’?”

Taz snorted. “So true. Platitudes don’t help.”

“Not really.” He held up the bag. “Hungry? They might be a bit soggy, but I’m starving.”

He bit back the boneheaded instinct to say he looked like he was starving, because rude. Will also hadn’t put a lot of oomph in that statement, which suggested he wasn’t actually all that hungry. Taz was, though.

“Definitely,” he replied. “I brought drinks. They might be kind of warm now, though. Sorry.”

“It’s fine, I’ve drunk worse things than warm root beer.”

Taz chewed on that as Will led him over to one of the benches. He put the bag in the middle, so Taz sat on the other side and watched while Will emptied the bag of two wax paper–wrapped sandwiches, some napkins, and a plastic, twist-tied baggie with two giant green pickles in it.

“I love their dill pickles,” Will said. “I got another one in case you wanted one. I wasn’t sure, but you asked for pickles on your sandwich, so…” He trailed off, his cheeks pinking up.

“I do, thanks.” The thoughtfulness made him like Will even more than he already did. He unwrapped his sandwich, mouth watering at the thick stack of roast beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet peppers, raw onion, and mayo, all pressed between two pieces of thick-cut rye bread.

It tasted ten times better than it looked, and Taz was four solid bites in before he realized Will wasn’t eating. He had a half sandwich in his hand, something pale like turkey or chicken, but he was staring at Taz. And not in the “ew, gross” way that he expected from people nowadays, but in a “you fascinate me” kind of way. It made his skin prickle.

“Am I being noisy or chewing with my mouth open?” Taz asked.

“No, sorry. I’m just…taking you in.”

Taz flinched.

“No!” Will winced at his volume. “It’s not the scars. I mean, I see them, sure, but it’s all of you.” Despite being embarrassed, Will gave him a full once-over that had Taz paying closer attention.
Had Will seriously just cruised him?

Taz glanced at his rounded belly. “Well, there’s plenty of me.”

“Meanwhile, I’m skin and bones. What a pair, huh?”

“Yeah.” He waited for Will to start eating before he attacked his own sandwich again. Will took small bites, chewing each one carefully before swallowing. Actions by rote to get the food down, instead of savoring every bite the way Taz did. He adored all the sharp, tangy flavors in his mouth, all the textural contrasts. “Don’t like your sandwich?”

Will shrugged. “It’s fine. It’s a sandwich.”

“You could have gotten something different if you don’t like sandwiches.”

“It’s fine. It’s food, right?” He took another small bite of pale meat, white bread, and nothing else that Taz could see. Chewed it slow. Swallowed. Almost bored with the whole thing.

Taz had never had much of a brain-to-mouth filter before the acid, and it hadn’t developed any after. “Do you have an eating disorder or something?” It came out gentle, not accusing, but Will still flinched.

Good guess.

“It was a lot worse when I was sixteen,” Will replied, not making eye contact. “After the, uh, abuse stopped. I hated eating. Took months before me and my shrink finally figured it all out, and then it started getting better. I was able to focus on food as necessary fuel, instead of something that could hurt me.” He finally looked up, his dark eyes sad. “I wish I could be the guy who scarfs down a burger and fries with his buddies then goes back for a hot fudge sundae, but I’m not. Doubt I ever will be.”

Taz eyed the other uneaten half of his sandwich, his stomach suddenly unhappy with what was in it. “I’m sorry.”

“It is what it is, right? I’ll never be a competitive eater, and you’ll never be America’s next top model.”

The instant laughter that burbled up from inside Taz surprised him, when all past teasing about his scars had always produced anger. Except Will wasn’t mocking him or pointing out his flaws. He was teasing him in a gentle way that said Will accepted they both had huge flaws, and that was okay.
“That’s good,” Taz said with a grin, “because I look awful in high heels.”

Will’s eyebrows arched. “And you know this from experience? Something I should know about, young man?”

Taz laughed again, and goddamn, it felt good. Sure, he laughed at sitcoms and funny movies, and sometimes his dad even told a good joke. This was different. This was…flirty. And a hell of a lot of fun. “No, sorry, no cross-dressing skeletons in my closet.”

“Shame.” Will licked crumbs off his fingers with a pretty pink tongue, then put about two bites’ worth of sandwich down on the waxed paper. He grabbed the pickle bag. “Speaking of closets, you came out senior year of college?”

“Yeah.” He didn’t really want to head down this particular branch of memory lane, but he could take a fast detour. “In high school, there were a few casual things, but nothing serious. Enough to know I liked guys and girls. I dated girls my first three years of college, partly because I was worried that coming out as being into guys too would affect wrestling. I had a scholarship, so I didn’t want to do anything to ruin that, you know?”

“Makes sense.” Will slid the tip of a fat pickle into his mouth and held it there.

Taz’s heart skipped. Blood pumped into his dick at the very suggestive way Will slowly bit into that fucking pickle. “Uh-huh.”

Will put more force into it, and there was an audible crunch. Juice dribbled down his chin.

Fucking Christ.

Taz grabbed a napkin and dabbed at Will’s chin.

Will’s eyes sparkled. “So what prompted you to come out?”

Had Taz been talking about something? Oh. Right. “Charlie.” The name chilled some of his arousal and left him cold. “We met sophomore year and became good friends very quickly. We were definitely attracted to each other, but I was dating someone at the time, and cheating was never my style. Junior year I got dumped, so I met up with Charlie at a party to commiserate, and we ended up back at the dorm fucking. The chemistry was great, and we wanted to keep it going, but Charlie was out and I wasn’t.”

He always hated this part of the story because it had been so fucking selfish of Taz. “He agreed to keep us a secret until I was done with wrestling senior year. He stayed in the closet for me, pretended we weren’t together even though we were. So after the team didn’t get the win for nationals, I came out. I kissed Charlie in the gym, in front of everyone.”

“Wow.” Will licked the pickle. “That was brave.”

“Seems stupid, looking back. It pissed someone off enough to throw acid on us.”

“How badly was Charlie hurt?”

“Barely. Small spot on his arm. Mostly it hit me.” Taz had been the one suffering, and Charlie had fucking walked away.

Will’s eyes went wide.

Guess I said that out loud.

“He dumped you while you were in the hospital?” Will asked. “What an asshole!” That shout got a few heads swiveling in their direction. Will didn’t seem to notice the uptick in his volume. “Who does that?”

Taz shushed him. “I loved him, but it’s not like we’d exchanged rings and vows for better or worse. He couldn’t handle the hospital and all of the local media attention, so he got out. I don’t hate him anymore.”

“That’s because you’re a decent person.”

“Maybe. He did break my heart, though. Hard.”

“Someone should go break his face.”

Taz blinked hard. “You’re a fiery little thing, aren’t you?”

Will glared. “Are you making fun of me?”

“No. I’m trying to figure you out, that’s all. I like you. Hell, you’re the first new friend I’ve made in two years.”

“Me too. I mean, I know people. But I don’t do this. Meet up and hang out. Getting personal with new people is…problematic.”

“Who are you telling?” Taz smiled, and finally Will’s face softened. “I never really thought I’d make a friend by commiserating over anxiety attacks and past violence.”

Will shrank down a bit. “I still don’t want to talk about that. My past.”

“I wasn’t asking. I made a statement, that’s all. And I’m apparently doing a shitty job of saying I’m glad we started chatting, because I like you and I like having a friend.” He might as well go for it. “Plus, you’re hella cute.”

Will’s lips twisted into a sexy, almost taunting smile. “Cute, huh? Cute like puppies are cute?”

“Cute like I want to reach over and kiss you. That cute.” Maybe he shouldn’t have been flirting so hard, but he liked Will and it felt so good to be around someone he genuinely liked—and was attracted to. Male or female, he hadn’t felt that draw in too damned long. But what if Will didn’t feel—

Will leaned in. “So kiss me, big guy.”

His heart kicked up. He took in Will’s slightly parted lips, curious how they’d feel against his own. How Will’s lean body would feel pressed up against his. What he’d taste like.

Charlie tasted like mint and chocolate, and then everything was on fire.

The world went briefly gray, and Taz’s entire body seized up tight.

Will was mentally kicking himself for flirting so hard with Taz, especially when he was on a no-sex diet for the next couple of weeks, when Taz’s already pale skin went a ghostly shade of white. His whole body seemed to go rigid, his gaze distant. Frozen someplace else.

Crap, Taz was having some kind of episode. Will replayed their conversation, trying to figure out what he’d said to freak Taz out so badly.

Kiss. Public park.

“Fuck my life.” He’d have clocked himself upside the head for being so stupid if he wasn’t afraid of someone in the park calling the cops on two nutcases sharing sandwiches on a bench. The last time Taz had kissed a guy in public he’d ended up in the hospital, and Will was all fucking casual about kissing him in a park surrounded by people.

Total strangers, and not a gymnasium full of classmates and fans who might give a solid damn about Taz’s sexuality, but still. It hadn’t made a difference to Taz’s brain.

And he didn’t know Taz well enough to bring him back from wherever he’d gone. Touching him while he was out of it might very well end in a bruise or two, and Will didn’t want that on Taz’s conscience. He definitely preferred his own active meltdowns to this quiet, frozen statue his friend had become.

He moved their trash out of the way and scooted a few inches closer on the bench. “Taz? Can you hear me? It’s Will. Taz?”

A slight flicker in Taz’s eyes. Not much, but he could work with that.

“Listen to me, okay? You’re in Wilmington. We’re in a park in the city. No one’s going to hurt you. Taz?”

Taz’s breathing sped up so fast Will nearly shoved the empty paper bag over his mouth and nose. Then Taz shook himself all over. Blinked hard several times. His skin kept that awful pallor, but he looked at Will and seemed to actually see him again. He dropped his chin to his chest and told his lap, “Fuck, Will, I’m sorry.”

Will tilted his head. “What for? It was my fault.”

“No, it’s not. It’s my stupid fucking head.”

“Hey. Hey.” He waited until Taz met his gaze, hating the misery in his green eyes. “Dude, we’re both mental cases, and maybe this is three years of therapy rubbing off on me, but I’m smart enough to recognize triggers. I shouldn’t have told you to kiss me while we’re sitting here in public.”

Taz seemed to study his face while he got his breathing under control. Some color came back to his cheeks, too. “It’s so stupid, though, to freak about a kiss. I bet I wouldn’t have if you were a girl.”

“How do you know that? Have you flirted with or kissed a girl since the—” The what? Accident was wrong, but words like assault or attack were too strong for their conversation. “Since the incident at college?”


“So you can’t be sure if it’s specifically boy kissing that’ll trigger you. Could be any sort of public kissing or displays of affection.”

Taz frowned. “And what do you suggest I do to figure it out? Hit up a bar, flirt with a girl, and see if I freak out?”

“That wouldn’t be my first instinct, no.” Will hated the idea of Taz getting with someone else, guy or girl. But they were friends, and Taz’s dating life wasn’t his business.

Except I want it to be.

He liked Taz. A lot. When six thirty had come and gone with no Taz, Will had started to panic. Seriously panic. He’d second-guessed every part of their earlier online conversation, trying to figure out how he’d fucked up, how he’d scared Taz off. He’d cursed himself for not getting Taz’s cell number beforehand.

And just when he’d resigned himself to being stood up, he’d looked around and spotted a baseball-capped man in dark jeans and a blue band shirt, holding a plastic grocery bag. He was standing perfectly still near a garbage can, still too far to properly see his face, especially with the hat casting shadows, but something inside Will had responded to Taz. In that first moment, he’d known without a doubt that Taz was someone he wanted in his life.

Taz was tall and wonderfully soft around the middle, like someone who’d be crazy comfortable to curl up with in bed. Thick auburn curls peeked out from beneath the ball cap’s rim. And he had adorable freckles all over. His hands and up his arms. His neck and cheeks and forehead.

The scars had captured Will’s attention briefly, because he couldn’t help but see them. Taz’s left cheek and part of his chin had a bumpy, waxy look that descended onto his neck and disappeared beneath the collar of his shirt. But it wasn’t scary or awful. The scarring wouldn’t be all that noticeable if not for the lack of freckles on half of his face.

Plus he made Will laugh when so few people could.

He loved that Taz had trusted him enough to be honest about how he’d gotten the scars, and Will had hated this Charlie jerk instantly for dumping Taz when he’d needed him most. And then they’d flirted and the whole conversation went to hell, because Will was a horny idiot.

Taz dropped his head into his hands, muffling his words. “We were having such a good time, too.” He snapped back to attention. “We were, right? I mean, I was having a good time.”

Will smiled, because episode or not—“This is the most fun I’ve had with another person in forever. Period. To be honest, when I got home today and got hold of my panic attack, my first instinct was to see if you were online.”

That made Taz’s lips twitch. “Really?”

“Yes. I knew you’d understand and let me vent. I knew I’d feel better. And I meant it when I said you’re the first real friend I’ve made in pretty much forever. I don’t want to risk our friendship by flirting you into anxiety attacks, so I’ll dial it back.”

“I started it when I called you cute.”

“I made it worse by daring you to kiss me.”

“I wanted to.” Taz picked at the inseam of his jeans. “I just couldn’t stop the damned flashback.”

“Is that what happened just now? A flashback?”

“Yeah. Flashbacks are different for everyone, or so I’m told. I’m not back there reliving the attack frame by frame, or anything. I get caught up in the emotions. All the joy from being out with Charlie, then the blinding pain and fear, not really understanding what’s happening or why it hurts so much. All those feelings freeze me up and I get stuck.”

“Makes sense.”

Taz grunted. “It still sucks, though.”

“Well, I have to admit, it does bruise my ego that the very idea of kissing me sends you into an episode.” Will’s light tone and exaggerated hand gestures did their job: Taz smiled.

“Sorry to bruise your ego, then,” Taz said, laughter in his voice. His entire body seemed to relax more as they moved past the dark moment. “Tell how to make it up to you.”

Taz was no longer a faceless name in a chat room. He was a real person Will wanted to get to know better. He was safe.

Will leaned in, heart beating a little bit faster. “Invite me back to your place.”

(c) 2017 A.M. Arthur